Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Dreaded Doctor's Visit

Well it was that time of year again...my annual ob/gyn visit. It was actually overdue by a year. I know...shame on me. It was due right when my job/insurance changed last summer so it just got delayed and delayed and delayed. So since my allergist is at Shannon I decided to change my ob/gyn to Shannon also. It went great! I love my new doctor and she did a great job discussing ways to treat my PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Basically I have a hormone disorder that affects menstrual cycles, ability to have children, hormones, heart, blood vessels, and appearance. She was impressed with the weight I had lost so far because my hormone fluctuation and insulin problems make it extremely difficult. She also referred me to a gastro intestinal doctor for the stomach problems I've been having. She also suggested a nutritional supplement since I can't digest vegetables right now. I'm really pleased with how the visit went.

Kevin and I have been discussing our Tahoe again. Gas is killer right now but I do not want to get rid of my car! Since my b-i-l Eric has been looking for cars we heard that Statefarm has auto refinancing rates as low as 4.89% right now. We decided to apply just to see what kind of rate we could get (we have 6.9% right now). We were qualified for 5.39% which is great! It will lower our payment about $85 a month and save us over $4000 in interest over the life of the loan.

I received the proofs for all the remaining yearbook pages. They look great...there should only be a few minor corrections. My mom went with me to Eden today and we straightened up my classroom a bit so that if the custodians need to move anything there wouldn't be anything in the way. I so appreciated her going. I got everything done in 3 hours which probably would have taken me 8 hours by myself. I'm enjoying getting to spend time with my family. It is something that I have really missed out on the last few years.

I'm still struggling with my decision to teach in Eden again next year. I love my kids and the people I work with but I HATE driving 48 miles twice a day. Once again gas is so expensive and I'm now about to have to buy the extended warranty for my car after only a year and half. I guess it all traces back to what I really want for my life right now. I will be 25 on my next birthday...I know I know that isn't old. BUT I've spent the last 8 (at least) years in a body I hate! I missed out on so much life because I let my weight control what I could and could not do. Kevin and I will have our 6th anniversary in November. I do want to have children in the next couple of years and that is NOT absolutely not possible at my current weight. I've also picked up serious problems with my knees, feet, back, and stomach in the last year or so...all related to my weight. If Kevin and I are going to continue living in the home we own (which I love!) I'm going to have to teach nearby. I'm scared to death of a big school but it is going to have to happen. If I substitute teach in San Angelo next year I will get lots of experience with the larger schools and get a feel for different schools in town. The drawbacks of subbing will be that I will have to pay for COBRA health insurance (expensive) and be only making minimal money. I have all kinds of inner turmoil right now. I just don't have a clear path that God seems to be showing me. I believe I hear Kevin pulling up outside so I'll say once more...
Until I'm back to ramble again...