Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Strong Willed Child

I'm so mad at my chihuahua right now that I could scream! Tootsie my oldest chihuahua (she'll be 6 in November) is driving me crazy! She has what we like to call a split personality disorder. She is very sweet to people she knows but is a terror to strangers. Right now I'm so frustated with her that my mom is calling her my strong willed child. It is a book she read when I was little because I liked to have my way so much.

Tootsie had a small cyst removed off of one of her front legs last Friday. The vet didn't like the way it looked and wanted to get it checked in case it might be cancer. The good news is that it isn't cancer but the bad news is...that she will not leave her bandages alone! I spent hours on Saturday trying to get her to let me take off the outer bandage because the stiches needed to breathe. After we finally got it off she started licking the stiches. She really wasn't a problem until yesterday when we arrived home to find she had pulled out two of the three stiches!

We called the vet who told us to wrap it up for the night and then bring her to the office in the morning so he could fix it. So I'm in a hurry and drop her off this morning so I can make it to my GI doctor's appointment and get my allergy shot. After those disturbing appointments (which I will tell ya'll about later) I had to mail the yearbook proofs and then went to pick her up. She was being so sweet. They vet had put staples in where the stiches had been and had wrapped it up all nicely in a purple bandage. I got her all loaded up inside her cage in the car and set out to finally go home. It is about 12:40 by now and I haven't eaten since 7:30 so I'm starving!

On our way home I stop at Subway to get a sandwich and I'm so proud of Tootsie because she is sitting so quietly in her cage. She isn't whining like usual or trying to eat the people at the Subway drive-thru window. I worry that something might be wrong so I talk to her on the way home so I can hear her tags jingle. We finally get home around 1:00 and I unload my purse, paperwork, and sandwich then let Reese and Gracie outside to go to the bathroom. I go unload Tootsie's cage from the car and open the door for her to come out. This is when the real fun begins...

She gingerly takes about 2 steps out of the cage, looks up at me, and freezes with this guilty look on her face. I look down and notice that she has ripped the purple bandage almost completely off and has 1 of the new staples pull halfway out of her foot. Her cut is kinda busted open and red but not bleeding. She had the stupid bandages dismantled before I could even get her out of the car!

So I called the vet and they asked me to bring her right back to get her fixed up. The vet was at his own doctor's appointment so they put her in a cage and told me they would call as soon as he gets back. Now she is going to have one of those stupid looking sattelite dish type collars around her neck to keep her from messing with her leg. The vet didn't charge us for this morning's fiasco but I'm sure we'll be getting a nice bill after our second visit! Oh I love this dog more than you can ever now but she is too smart for her own good! How am I going to be able to raise kids someday if I get hoodwinked by a dang chihuahua?!