Sunday, June 22, 2008

Office 07

Weight Watchers Update! We attended our meeting and weighed in on last Thursday. Even after our vacation (where we ate VERY badly), my hormone medication, and only working out once last week we both still managed to lose. I lost 1.8 pounds and Kevin lost 1.4 pounds. The first time I have ever beaten him on weekly loss! That brings my total to 13.8 pounds. Kevin also reached a very important milestone though. His total is now 22.4 pounds. He has now lost over 10% of his total starting weight. He received a keychain from weight watchers for his accomplishment. I never thought I would be so jealous of a cheap keychain. Its not really the keychain is what it represents. It will be a very long time before I reach my 10% goal. My weight loss really has increased since school has been out. I guess it really makes a difference when I have the time to eat better, exercise more, and focus on myself a little. I also started taking a nutritional supplement this week that my doctor recommended. It is called JuicePlus and it gives you all of the fruit and vegetables you need for the day. This should really help since I'm not able to eat vegetables very much.

I had two workshops on thursday and friday of last week. They were over Microsoft Office 07 which is VERY different than the previous versions. Old versions used menu bars and dialog boxes. The new version uses tabs, ribbons, groups, and command buttons. It takes some getting used to the new locations of some of the functions but I think it is a good upgrade. It is more icon based so students won't have to read as much. Not that they can't...they just choose not to.

I think that I forgot to mention that we had a good visit last Thursday with Dwight, Crystal, and their girls. They just came in town for about 2 days for Dwight's work and we went to eat at Ichibans. It was soooo good! I actually ate all the vegetables on my plate and enjoyed them! The best thing was that I didn't get sick afterward!!!

Kevin is finally thinking about college and it makes me so excited! He has money available to his through his GI Bill and I think it would be such a waste for it to disappear. Even if he never gets another job I think he will be so proud of his accomplishment and make him feel better about the his current work. Even an associates degree will help him so much!

I'm going to go work on the picture CDs that I'm making for my seniors last year. I'm still yet to finish them. Until I'm back to ramble again...