Thursday, June 12, 2008

Short and Sweet

Well this one will be short and sweet since it is 2 in the morning...I just finished proofing yearbook pages. I have to call the publisher first thing in the morning to check one page but then I can mail them off! Yay!

I had a really good day today! Kevin and I went to Gold's and worked out with Lacy this morning. After our workout we cleaned up and went to statefarm to finish the paperwork for refinancing our Tahoe. Everything went really well. Afterwards Kevin and I met Lacy at Applebees for lunch. She has to work from 8 tonight until 2 tomorrow afternoon. We have our Weight Watchers meeting and dinner with friends tomorrow evening and then are leaving for Abilene first thing friday morning so I won't see her again until we are back from Albuqurque.

Oh yeah, the VA has requested that Kevin go have some tests run at their hospital in Albuqurque, NM so we are taking a road trip up there this weekend along with stopping at Kevin's cousin's wedding on Saturday. Just a little note for clarification...

Anyway...I spent the rest of the afternoon riding around with Kevin while he checked on jobs they have been working on. It wasn't so bad. I actually got a little nap in the car. Afterwards we came home and have both been working all evening. While I proofed pages Kevin has been creating invoices for customers.

Tomorrow morning I have my appointment with the gastro intestinal doctor so we'll see how that goes. I hope she can help me figure out how I can eat vegetables! I'm finally winding down and getting sleepy so I'm going to try this going to bed thing again.