Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weight Loss Update!

Well I was certain that I had gained this week...being sick has made me feel miserable so I didn't work out on Monday or Tuesday. scale at home told me so...BUT I lost 1.8 pounds! I'm very happy! I am now at 15.6 pounds! I received my third 5 pound star at the meeting today. I have actually been losing much more rapidly since school let out! Who would've guessed?! lol I received my first star at 6 weeks, second star at 8 weeks, and third star at 10 weeks! Kevin lost .8 this week bring his total to around 23 pounds. Even though this is week 10 at weight watchers the first meeting is the start of the diet so it is actually 9 weeks of dieting. I'm average 1.75 pounds a week. Kevin averages 2.5 pounds a week. If I could lose like Kevin I could possibly look halfway presentable at Lacy's wedding but I know that isn't going to happen.

Well I've got to get to bed. I am exhausted. I'll be back tomorrow...