Sunday, July 20, 2008

Finishing Friday's News...

So...I was going to finish up on Friday night since I had so much news for the week and hadn't posted...BUT...we ended up getting invited to go see "Grease" at the Angelo Civic Theater at the last minute. It was so much fun!

Lets see...where was I...Ok so on Friday I had an interview with Trinity Luther School! They have had my resume for weeks so I had finally assume they didn't want me and suprise they call on Wednesday and want me to come for an interview on Thursday. Well obviously because of my procedure I couldn't come on Thursday. So we schedule the interview for 1:30 Friday afternoon. I'm still a little sore and worried I might get sick on Friday but I felt fine through the interview. Friday morning Mr. Fritsche (the principal) calls to see if I can come in earlier. I get there about 11:30 and we start the interview. It was actually one of the strangest interviews I've ever had. It was more of an informational setting. He only asked me like 3 questions. He mostly told me all about the school and position and showed me the classroom. It was kinda like the first visit back after you accept a position and the principal shows you around. I would be teaching computers to ages 3 and 4 through grade 8. Elementary will be different but I kinda like the idea. I did find out that the job would definately only be part time (8-3:30 Monday and Wednesday, 11-3:30 Fridays). That is okay because I could substitute on the other days of the week to test out the big schools in town. The curriculum and grading is completely automated so that would be a piece of cake. He said I would mainly be there to add in assignments for students that need more stimulation and finish quickly. The pay is hourly and was a little disappointing but I just keep reminding myself that it is only part time. I like the small school atmosphere and I would be getting to do computer at least three days a week. He said that he had one other applicant and a current teacher who had asked to be considered for the position. He did say that I had the best qualifications and he liked the additional resources I already had for the kids. He said I would find out if I got it on the 28th when they have their board meeting. God does seem to provide opportunities when we need them. I left Eden because I was spending too much time and money at the job. I was afraid that between driving back and forth and the extra time on yearbook I would fall off my diet and exercise routine. I wanted the extra time to spend on myself. This job would definately give me the time for that. I hope this is what God has planned for me and I get the job.

After the interview I went and turned in my substitute application for SAISD. I was talking on the phone in the parking lot when Josh and Marlayna pulled up! She was dropping off her ESL certification for her application so we went upstairs together. We decided to go to the substitute orientation together on Aug. 6th but then I remember the trip to Shreveport so I will have to tell her the 13th.

After I left SAISD I called Lacy to see about getting the cards to print wedding shower invitations. She and Sue were about to go eat so I went to Henry's with them. We had the craziest waiter who kept saying all these weird things and like sitting down at our table with us! It was definately weird! I enjoyed lunch and getting to talk to them.

After lunch I decided to go get my nails done. I have not done that in FOREVER! One of my students told me about just getting an overlay done instead of adding tips so I decided to try it out. My nails flake and break whenever they start to get long so this will make them stronger to grow out. I love them! I feel so pretty! I chose a pink color but now I wish I had gotten a french mani finish. I will have them put that on there next time. By the time I finished my stomach was finally getting to be a little more than I could bear so I came home, chilled out, took some medicine, and started this ridiculously long blog!

Right before 7 pm my Aunt Sheila and Aunt Jonelle invited Kevin and I to watch "Grease" the play. They had called my parent to see if they wanted to go but they had up and decided to go to San Antonio on friday to sleep at a hotel with Temperpedic beds. lol (My mom couldn't sleep the night before because of their bed so she got this idea in the middle of the night!) Sheila's nursing home were the executive sponsor of the play so they had an awesome reception with food, drinks, decorations, Elvis, and even an ice sculpture! The play was fantastic! It is amazing how well those kids can sing. My aunts are hilarious! We got back pretty late and went to bed because we were exhausted.

I'm going to end Friday here and start a new blog for Saturday...ahh! I've got to get better at doing this everyday or stop being so long winded!