Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good News and Bad News

Well today was a good and a bad day...Good news! Today I went to lunch with Lacy, Tasha, Cassandra, and Marlayna to talk about wedding stuff! It was so fun! We got several things decided and got to visit for a while. It was kinda funny because Cassandra brought Brayden, Marlayna brought Maddie, Lacy had Jensen....I was like..."When did we get old?!" People with kids were the majority and the ones without were the minority! We've become the grownups and that is soooo weird! I'm excited for next Tuesday. We are all going to go to David's Bridal in Abilene to look at bridesmaids dresses. I'm going to drive my Tahoe since everyone will fit the best. It is exciting but I'm also kinda dreading it in a way. I'm the hugest bridesmaid on earth and it really limits what we can get because I don't fit into everything. I know they don't mean to make me feel bad about it but I do it to myself I guess. It is Lacy's wedding and she is kinda stuck to see if I can even fit into what she wants. The girls kept saying that I will probably have lost a lot more weight by the time the wedding comes but I kept telling them not to count on it. I don't want them to buy dresses counting on me to squeeze into and then what if the weight comes off but I'm still not small enough or if I hit a plateau. She probably would've been better off to pick a different bridesmaid so she could have what she wanted. If I was a good friend I would've told her to do that.

The diet did okay this week. I only lost .8 pounds but I guess I should least I didn't gain! Kevin had to work this evening so he did not get to go to the meeting this week to weigh in. He probably lost like 5 pounds this week. I ate worse the week that we went to Albuquerque and lost more! I don't get it! I guess I was walking around more do stuff in NM so that probably help. Being sick on Monday I only worked out on Tuesday and Wednesday this week so that probably didn't help. I guess I can only hope for better next week.