Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lazy Sunday...

Well as busy as this weeks seems to have been...I'm having trouble remembering what went on! Lets see if I can start from where I left off...Tuesday and Wednesday are kinda a blur...nothing really big happened except Kevin and I have been going through everything in our house! I mean everything! Emptying closets, drawers, boxes, shelves...everything! We are moving more and more of our house out to the garage in anticipation that Dustin will get here to lay our tile...(which still might be months for all I know). I am getting better and better at putting stuff in the garage sale pile. I'm hoping to use whatever money we make as our money for the Shreveport trip.

Thursday is when I guess everything got more exciting. Kevin's parents came into town on their way to Junction to float the river. They took a little trip for their 34th anniversary. They dropped by and saw our torn up house and then we went into town and ate lunch at Subway. It was nice visiting and then they headed on to Junction. When we got home Kays had called and said that my rings were back from being repaired and ready to pick up. So we headed to the mall and picked them up (they looked gorgeous of course!) before heading to our weight watchers meeting. Just before we walked in the meeting my mom called and said that my Aunt Jo was in the ER and being admitted to the hospital for breathing problems and she wanted me to head up there. So we went and weighed in...(which you can probably tell didn't go great for me or else I'd be more excited)...I GAINED 2.6 pounds. UGH! I can't say I wasn't expecting it though. We weighed in the morning last time and the evening this time and I wasn't completely perfect this week. Not 2.6 pounds worth but not completely perfect. I figured after the 4 pounds from my colonoscopy that something would have to even out a little. Kevin lost 2.6 pounds this week so I'm really proud of him. After weighing in we headed straight over to the hospital to check on my Aunt. When we got there my Aunt Sheila needed to leave so I had to stay to listen to the doctor and get Jo situated. It was a very interesting afternoon to say the least! My Aunt Jo is very funny and even more funny after she has had a couple breathing treatments with a nebulizer. (The stuff kinda makes you jittery, talkative, and anxious.) The doctor decided that it was just some kind of late onset asthmatic flair up and gave her LOTS of medicine. It was kinda funny because I had heard of all of them before when I had bronchitis. I'm really glad they admitted her overnight so that she would relax and they could make her take her medicine. She is just like my mom and if she was at home she wouldn't have relaxed. So several hours later we were finally able to get home and feed the puppies.

On Friday morning I had my appointment to try MysticTan finally. I've been wanting to test it for Lacy's wedding but have been scared it would make me turn orange. The hardest part was holding your breath while the machine sprayed! It turned out okay I guess. I mean I'm not orange but I think I rubbed off my legs too much right away. That is where they said streaking would occur and I was overzealous! (Yeah big word!) I think I'll know how to apply the barrier creams better and how much to pat dry. I'm going to try the extended next time to see if make me too orange. I got a terrible sinus headache that day and ended up sleeping with a heating pad for HOURS! It finally went away after I took advil and tylenol! About 10:00 friday night Kevin and Justin got a water damage in Bronte. My mom had crashed their computer and asked if I would ride over with the guys to work on their computer. So Justin, Kevin, the dogs, and I all headed to Bronte. I wasn't about to leave the dogs at home because everytime we come home late at night one of them is sick and has to go to the emergency room! While they worked on the water damage I managed to save my mom's music on itunes which really was the thing she was worried about most. It took me a while though because to download the program on their ancient internet took FOREVER! Kevin and Justin got back and ate dinner while I finished. We finally left a little after 1 am to head home. Just about 10 minutes outside of Bronte my dad called and they had gotten ANOTHER water damage. This one was in Angelo. Thank goodness they had to go pick up equipment from our house because otherwise they were going to leave me and the dogs stuck in the truck for hours. I took a shower when they dropped me off around 2 am and then couldn't fall asleep. Finally I think I went to sleep around 3:30 and Kevin got home sometime around 5 am. We were both exhausted and I wasn't even up for nearly as long as him.

Saturday we managed to sleep in a little but Kevin's parents were headed back from Junction and we had planned on eating lunch together. They got here about 10 am and we visited before going to lunch at Cheddars. We visited some more at our house after lunch. We really enjoyed getting to see them. Since they moved to Haskell we don't get to see them as much as we used to. Kevin and I were so tired still after they left we watched some DVRd Army Wives and then went to bed!

That brings us to today which was really enjoyable. We slept late and then Justin came over to hang out with us! We had a lot of fun! We tried to use my new camera skills to take some pictures of Justin but I didn't do that well. I took the classes with the schools camera because mine was in the shop and now I'm having trouble changing the settings on ours. I've got to get the book out and read about it. We made fajitas for lunch and I was pleasantly suprised to learn that an entire can of fat free refried beans is on 3 1/2 points! I never eat that much so that makes bean burritos not too bad on points! After lunch we fell asleep on the couches while watching TV. Kevin worked the day away removing baseboards all over the house. He RARELY takes naps. When Justin decided to go home I came in here. I figured it had been way too long and I needed to update this thing. Tomorrow I'm going to finished Lacy's wedding shower invites and some stuff for the Eden yearbook. Until I'm back to ramble again...