Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Once again a liar

Well in my last post I said I would be back the next day...it didn't happen and made a liar out of me again. I guess I just need to stop saying when I'll be back. We had a pretty nice weekend. Slightly lazy with a little work sporadically throughout.

On Friday I worked out with Lacy and then headed back to the house. My mom and dad came over to my house for a while. I've been meaning to clean out my pantry in forever because it is so deep and I am sooooo short that things get lost in there. So my dad got comfortable watching television and using the internet while me and my mom got to work. Since we are about to begin laying tile in a few weeks we had a few things we needed to do. We took down most of the decorations in my living and dining room and packed them away until after the tile is finished. Kevin helped us and did a good job of following orders! ha ha He was a big help. He and my dad even started pulling up the wood floor in our dining room. Then we cleaned out my fridge and pantry of stuff that we didn't need anymore. Since we have been on our diet we have been switching to reduced calorie or light versions of almost anything in our house. It is amazing how many points can be saved and most of the stuff tastes just as good! We packed up all of the really good tasting fattening foods and took it to my cousin Kendra. Her kids will be able to eat it and with their metabolism it won't affect them at all! We got to see her and the kiddos which was a lot of fun. She has asked us to be godparents to her fourth month old Callen and we said yes. He sure is a cutie!

On Saturday we were pretty lazy until the afternoon. We did some more picking up and what not but it wasn't a real concentrated effort. That evening my mom called and said they were going to go eat at Applebees and to a movie and wanted us to go. So I looked up the times for the shows and then we went to eat. I love the grilled shrimp from Applebees! You can eat so many for not nearly as many points as chicken or beef. After Applebees we went to the movie theater and saw "Get Smart"! I had been waiting for it to open! I was a huge fan of the show when it used to come on Nick at Night when I was a kid. It was VERY funny! I laughed the entire time! And it wasn't completely perverted like most movies have to be nowadays to get laughs. It also leaves then ending open like their might be another one. I hope so!

Sunday we decided to head to Bronte for the day. My mom had called and said that my brother was headed over there and she was making lunch. It had been a while since we just went out their to visit so we decided to go. Lunch was good and then we watched s0me rented movies called "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins" and "10000 B.C." I like the first one but the second one stressed me out. I have to admit that it was pretty good but I don't like movies that stress me out. We enjoyed our time there and then headed home just after 10.

Yesterday I strayed off of my usual weekday routine. I've been doing pretty good at getting up in the morning and going to the gym first thing except for the times I've been sick. With my stomach right now that isn't that rare. I got on the phone and started calling private schools to see if they had any openings. There still hasn't been any at SAISD so my mom had said it could hurt. I called Cornerstone Christian but they did not have any openings and then I called Trinity Lutheran School. I asked if they had any openings and she said yes for a COMPUTER teacher! I was thrilled! I don't know anything about working at a private school and what the requirements are but heck it is better than having to drive so far everyday! They said I needed to come in and fill out an application. I decided I need to update my resume before I went so that I would have the information handy and it is always nice to be able to leave one with the application. It took me most of the morning but I got it updated. Not my best work under pressure but it will do. I got dressed and drove to the school. When I got inside I met the princial, Mr. Fritsche? I believe. He was pretty nice. He said that the resume would give him all of the information he needed and thank you for bringing it by! He said he would look it over and give me a call to set up an interview...well...that was yesterday...and I still haven't heard anything! I was hoping he would call today to setup an interview but nothing. Maybe it was already filled and the secretary didn't know. I'm not going to get my hopes up. It just seemed like God was finally giving me a push in one direction because a position opened up. If I don't get it I will just substitute next year and focus on getting healthy. I have a service learning workshop in Eden tomorrow so I plan on speaking with Mr. Siler again before that. I am completely torn but it justs feels like the right thing to do. I need the experience in San Angelo or I will never feel ready to take a job here. Today I have been sick to my stomach again. The story of my life. I'm really dreading this colonoscopy but I'm ready to not be sick anymore. I mean this is ridiculous. I spend the majority of my life feeling terrible! No I'm not pregnant for those of you who automatically assume that. That will not be possible until I've lost a lot of weight and probably begin infertility treatments. I'm finally feeling better so I'm going to attempt to workout. I won't eat anything until afterward just to make sure. Until I'm back again...