Monday, July 21, 2008


Well Sunday was pretty lazy but nice...Kevin met the man that was buying Eric's truck at noon today. He got the cash and handed over the truck!

I got an email from Cassandra today. She lost the baby while she was visiting her dad in Lubbock. It is so sad. She says she is doing ok but I really worry about her. It breaks my heart...

I talked to Lacy while she was at work today. She said that her wedding shower in Sterling City is going to be on August 18th (Justin's 21st Birthday!) and it would be a boy/girl shower. Kevin is going to be really excited that he gets to go! He's wanted to go on everything we've done so far but I wouldn't let him. She decided for sure on Diamond Jacks for our Shreveport trip so I've got to make a reservation now! I'm so excited!

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He spent the rest of the afternoon breaking up the ugly tile in our front entry. Everytime he hit it, tile went flying EVERYWHERE! I covered the furniture and worried that a stray piece was going to hit the television. The dogs were terrified by the noise! At one point I had all three in my lap! They were shaking! I kinda swept up behind him but it still went everywhere.

I finished my butterfly paint by number last night. It looks ok. Later on Justin came over! We made a jello pie and just hung out in the living room. I really enjoyed it! He brought half of a wrap he bought at Albertsons from the deli. I didn't know they made those there. It was really good!

We didn't get to bed until like 1:00 but that is ok because I was really having fun! I'll leave you for now...until I'm back to ramble again...