Friday, July 18, 2008

Sore but perfectly safe...

Well I'm alive! My fears were unfounded! I did actually wake up during the procedure but I couldn't feel anything and then they put me right back to sleep. I think the prep was worse than the actual procedure...well wait...lets back up a few days so I don't lose my train of thought.

Sorry it has been so long since I posted. I've been obsessing over this stupid colonoscopy and it has dictated everything I've done. Last Friday was a pretty lazy day. The only thing I did that was productive was go into town with Marlayna to pick up stuff for Lacy's Lingerie Shower/Bachelorette party. It was a lot of fun and we found a few cute things. We finally settled on a date for the shower, September 4th. I also talked to Doris about Lacy's wedding shower and we got a few things worked out.

On Saturday I went to my final photography and we got to test out our new skills. I didn't really take anything inspiring but now I have a few skills to perfect. I will try to post some pictures of my dogs that I took after this. When I got home my dad and Kevin were pouring concrete in our dining room to prep out floors for tile. It turned out really good and we were so glad my dad showed up to help! Kevin said he was way in over his head and it would've been terrible if my Dad hadn't shown up. We have concrete dust ALL OVER OUR HOUSE. I'm not kidding. I spilled the dogs water bowl and a small concrete spot showed up on the floor. I keep dusting and sweeping and it still keeps showing up! I guess we will be cleaning it up forever.

Sunday was my favorite and least favorite day this week!!! Let me explain...My brother competed in a Triathlon at Lake Nasworthy that morning! They swam, biked, and ran for what seemed like forever! Justin did so good! I can't believe he can do that so well! I'm soooooo not athletic. I got a ton of good pictures and will post those also. We got up really early to go watch the triathlon. It was over by 9:00 am so we decided to find something fun to do. We ate lunch at Cheddar's and went back to Justin's house. Our friends Brigitte and Dusty wanted to cook out so we went swimming and had awesome barbeque. That is where the fun day ended though. We got home just before 10:00 pm that night. I walked into kitchen where the dogs stay and there was a large dark red pile of blood in the middle of the floor. We didn't know whose blood it was so we let the dogs outside and found that it was Gracie's. She was trying to use the bathroom and blood was just going everywhere. Kevin calls the vet emergency room and they tell us to bring her right in. The next afternoon and about $460 later Gracie is stable and being sent home. She lost a lot of blood but is doing better. She now has special dog food called Science Diet I/D for intestinal disorders. Of our three little dogs each now has a different kind of dog food. Reese has special L/D for liver function and Tootsie is on adult science diet light. We CANNOT afford for these dogs to keep getting sick. The last three months we have had HUGE bills from the vets office. Between Reese's seizure, Tootsie's growth on her leg, and now this...we're going under! Our vet needs to dedicate a new wing called the Johnson Wing of Critical Care. She's doing much better now.

Monday was a very emotional day for me. I dealt with Gracie and her doctors visits and I worked out in the morning but the even was the big deal. Monday evening Kevin and I went to Eden to clean out my classrooms. It took us several hours. I'm so thankful Kevin went to help me because it would have taken days for me to get it out by myself. It is amazing how much stuff I have managed to acquire in my first year of teaching. I would buy supplies when I saw them on sale and other teachers would give me items that they did not want anymore. It packed my Tahoe from the back window up to the front seats. I still have a few items I have to take back and I need to get some check stubs and lesson plan files off my computer so I will have to go back for those.

Tuesday was really a blur because I was so worried about my colonoscopy. I know I worked out and went to Wal-Mart for some last minute colonoscopy supplies. I was on the phone for a long time that day with the nurse from Shannon and working on Lacy's showers stuff. I did make an awesome chicken spaghetti recipe that I found on the internet. My last meal I guess you can say. I will type and post the recipe tomorrow. Then came the worst day...

Wednesday was the prep day for my colonoscopy. The doctor requires a complete colon cleansing the day before. I had a liquid diet (broth, popsicles, and jello) all day long and at noon I had to take these two pills. A little while after you take the pills you are supposed to start drinking this two liter jug of supposedly lemon lime flavored liquid. IT WAS HORRIBLE! I was literally drinking it as fast as physically possible and it took HOURS. I was gagging so much that it was hurting. After drinking the 2 liter jug then you have to drink two 10 oz bottles of lemon lime flavored magnesium citrate. It was even worse than the first stuff! I got to my second bottle and couldn't even get it down. I would take a sip and throw up twice as much liquid. I got about half the bottle down and finally quit because I was throwing it all up.

I was starving and sore when I woke up on Thursday morning. We had to be at the surgery center at 8 am. My mom and dad met us at the center. I was so glad they all were there with me. I had 4 people in front of me so I had to lay around hooked up to all these IVs and monitors for a while but eventually I got in and was in my Tahoe being driven home by 11:30. I think I woke up during the procedure but it didn't hurt. My parents and Kevin said I was talking crazy when I was waking up in recovery but I don't think I was. The thing I remember the clearest though was about 4 minutes after I got in the car we were stopped at a the light behind best buy on sherwood way when I started getting nauseous. I couldn't find anything in the car to use so I just check to make sure no one was coming...opened the door...stuck my head out and vomited Sprite all over Sherwood Way. I'm sure the people behind us got an extremely funny show. Story of my life I guess. I napped and sat around doing paint by number for most of the afternoon. If I got moving too fast I got sick again. My parents came over and hung out with us which made me really happy and best of all my brother came over to see me that night! He even brought me a sonic blast! I'm going to tell ya'll about his Concho Bike Shop News later. Well I leave yall here for now and when I get home tonight finish with today's news. TTFN!