Thursday, July 31, 2008

Way too much to do...

Well I am super stressed right now trying to get a million things done at once! I have been printing and addressing over 100 invitations for Lacy's wedding shower and trying to get ready for my garage sale at the same time. At this point...neither is finished! The invitations turned out looking really cute but I still have a lot of addressing to do. I'm also trying to get everything ready for our trip to Shreveport next week. I've been obsessing over getting Lacy a shirt, sash, and veil for the trip but I think we've decided to attempt to make them ourselves since none of the store bought ones were perfect. I am going to make the shirts for Lacy and Dusty and Marlayna is doing the sash. I forgot who is supposed to do the veil so I guess we need to figure that out. We've also been planning Lacy's Lingerie shower and that has added to the mess. I'm enjoying it but time seems to be closing in on me. I've been dreaming about wedding stuff. Like nightmares...Lacy is making us do a wedding party dance at the reception. I CAN'T DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot emphasize this enough. Having to dance with Kevin was going to be bad but someone I don't know! The poor guy is going to have to lug my fat butt around the dance floor and will want to die!

I went to a Photoshop workshop on monday that I really enjoyed. I talked to Traci (Region Technology Coordinator) about giving my notice at Eden and she was really helpful! She is going to talk to the head of the business department at SAISD so they will put me at the top of the list for substitutes. That will help me get more of those classes than others.

Blood test results came back this week. No celiac (I didn't think it was) but they actually have no answers for me right now. They just recommended having a high fiber diet (25-30 grams a day) and metamucil. So for the time being I still can't really eat vegetables or was really disappointing...

I didn't hear back from the private school that I interviewed at so I guess I didn't get the job. I think the thing that hurt me the most is that I was really interested in full time employment. I don't think he thought I would stick around for more than a year. I am disappointed but I guess it wasn't in God's plan. I mean I kept feeling like I needed to focus on my weight loss this year and maybe this is his way of telling me that is what I need to do.

Weighed in today at WW...I lost 1.8 pounds. I was hoping to completely recoupe my gain but I guess it is at least something. I did get to eat Taco Bell with Kevin, Lacy, Dusty, Marlayna, and Maddie last night. My total loss now is 23.2. Kevin lost 3.6 pounds this week bringing his total loss to 32.6 pounds. He got his 6th gold star this week! I'm very proud of him but still disappointed in myself. I really don't know how I gained that much last week. I tracked my points and looked back on what I ate. I really can't spot a problem area. I was just really hoping to beat the 25 pound mark this week. Oh well I've got to get back to addressing invititations. I probably shouldn't have stopped for this long to give a WW update!
Until I'm back to ramble again...

PS: My brother in law was supposed to be here in April to lay tile in my house. As of today...July 31st, 2008...I still have concrete floors and no baseboards. I'm getting really upset. I wanted to be able to host Lacy's lingerie shower at my house. I've been wanting to host something here since we finally have a house big enough and now mine is destroyed when I finally get the chance. I feel really crappy yesterday because I had to ask Lacy if we could have her lingerie shower at her own house. AHHHHH!!!! Sorry...I just needed to get that out... :)