Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weigh Ins, Diamonds, Popsicles

Well since I had the procedure on Thursday we didn't get to attend our WW meeting. We decided that we would weigh in and attend a saturday morning meeting. We got there just before 10:30 and the weigh in line was HUGE! There was only one receptionist that day so it was taking longer and we were a little late getting into the meeting. I lost 4 pounds this week! I was happy but kinda expected it because of the colonsocopy prep and procedure. The pain so wasn't worth the 4 pounds though. I lost 3.6 the week before with not nearly as much pain. I hope it wasn't a false weigh in though. It was a morning weigh in when we usually weigh in the evening. That brings my total weight loss to 24 pounds! This was our 12th week of dieting so my average is now 2 pounds per week. Poor Kevin gained 1 pound this week. I know its really my fault because he ate the same as I did but I had a colonoscopy. His total weight loss is now 26.4. I've almost caught up to him! He is really determined this week though so he'll probably lose like 5 pounds in one week now! It is Sunday and he is going to the gym today...(yeah I'm not!) We saw some of our friends at the meeting Saturday. We saw Angie our neighbor and Stormy and Stephanie White. It was nice to see them!

After the meeting Kevin and I went to the mall to see about sending in Kevin's sunglasses for the chip in the lens. He dropped them on our kaliche truck driveway. When you buy Oakleys they have a one year warranty if they get broken. We had to walk by Kay Jewelers to get to the Sunglass Hut. We decided to stop in and asked about my ring since the tiny diamond inside my band fell out while the Kay's in Abilene was cleaning it. I had them check all my diamonds and they found that one of my side stones on the other band was also loose! So now both of my rings have been sent off to be fixed! UGH! I feel so naked without my rings! They have a warranty so it doesn't cost anything but still its annoying. They won't be back until like the 30th!

After we left the mall we did some more running around town. We got the car washed, ate subway, and went to WalMart to buy Kevin a new belt. His old belt is way to big now. He is still losing so we didn't want to get him an expensive belt. And he HAS to have one at all times or he just cannot deal. We found a nice one that will work for the time being. I also wanted to get some more popsicles because we have run out of my weight watchers treats. When we were leaving WalMart a lady called about my brother-in-law Eric's truck. Her father (who did not speak english) was at Discount Tire looking at the truck and wanted to know if Kevin would go show it to him. So we drove over there and Kevin got a guy from Discount Tire to translate. The guy decided to test drive the truck and I sat in the car forever with my popsicles melting! I guess it was worth it though because the guy decided to buy the truck! They didn't get as much as they wanted for it but it was a fair deal. It was been for sale for a while so now Eric can put the money in savings to build toward another truck.

We finally got home (after I ate three zero point popsicles in the truck!) and spent the evening being lazy. Kevin worked on the bill of sale on the truck for HOURS and I worked on the paint by number I bought. My painting isn't looking terrible but it doesn't look good. It doesn't really matter though...I'm just doing it for fun.

Before I forget...again...My brother was asked to be in the new commercial for Concho Bike Shop. It shows on KLST and looks really awesome! Here is the commercial...

I am finally going to post a blog I started the other day with some new puppy pictures in about 5 minutes. Whew! I can't believe I'm finally caught up. I'll be back TONIGHT! I swear I won't get behind again. Until I'm back to ramble again... Love, Katy