Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Really Quick Update! BIG NEWS!

Well it is 1 am and I have to be up at 5:00 am to get ready to leave for Shreveport at 6! UGH! This will have to be short and sweet since I'm ready for bed! What I do for my friends! lol No I'm actually looking forward to getting away.

BIG NEWS! Weighed in at WW today so we wouldn't miss this week while we were gone. Their scales showed that I lost 2.2 pounds since Thursday! 4 days! I think I actually lost more last time but they read it wrong and now it is just fixing itself but it is still great! I am now at 25.4 pounds total! I finally made my 25 pound mark after jumping around for a few weeks! I'm very excited! Kevin weighed in also and of course lost a ton like 3 + pounds. He is now at like 36 pounds total!

BIGGER NEWS! (Short Version...long version after I get back.) When we got home this evening I had a message from Mr. Fritsche with Trinity Lutheran School...I GOT THE JOB! I got the part time computer teacher job! I can't believe it. I had completely written it off since I didn't hear from him. I'm thrilled. It will be nice to do what I love part time and have time to take care of myself and my husband. I'm also looking forward to working with the little ones and subbing at Lakeview and Central to see if I like it. I can't keep my eyes open so I'm off to bed now...MORE INFO LATER! Wish us luck in Shreveport! Be back Thursday night!