Sunday, October 12, 2008


I'm going to add a few picture from the last few weeks...lets see what I find...

Here is a picture of me and my adorable husband Kevin at Lacy's wedding! Kevin looked so handsome in his tux!

I tried to take a picture of myself to update my myspace, facebook, and blog profile pictures. The last one I had was from like 2002! This one turned out okay. I cropped it and used sepia tone color to mask how splotchy my skin was from being nervous at the wedding!

A picture of the beautiful Bride (Lacy) and Groom (Dusty)! The wedding was beautiful! I had a ton of fun but was completely exhausted. My feet hurt for days afterward! They honeymooned on a cruise to the Bahamas! I spent the entire week at work wishing I was in the Bahamas instead!

This is my take on artistic photography! I didn't have much time to take pictures at the wedding but I managed to get this one before hand. Lacy loved it and so did I!

Josh, Marlayna, and Maddie dancing at the wedding!

Eric came in from California to visit at the beginning of September! It was kinda a whirlwind trip but Kevin and I picked him up the airport in Midland! This is a picture of Kevin and Eric when he finally got off the plane!

A quick picture of me and Eric at the airport. I look goofy but there have been much worse pictures taken of me!

Well that is it for now I guess! Now I'm going to get ready to go shopping for curtains to match my new rug! Pictures of the new furniture and floors soon to come!