Friday, October 10, 2008

Quit being so negative!

That is what I've been telling myself...after I got that long rambling gripy post out of the way I started telling myself that I needed to count my blessings. My mom always tells me that when I'm feeling sorry for myself. So that I what I'm going to try to do right now...
The Many Blessings in My Life
1. Kevin - I have the world's best husband. He is more than I ever could have asked for and works so hard to make my life wonderful. He says I'm beautiful and has supported me in every decision I've made even if it may not have been exactly what he wanted me to do. He will be a wonderful father and if God sees fit to bless me with his children someday I can only pray that I will be half as good a parent as he will be.
2. My Parents and Brother - I have amazing parents and a fantastic brother who accept me despite all my flaws and still make me feel like a beautiful person no matter what.
3. My Lord and Savior - He has forgiven an utterly imperfect person like myself over and over again even when I wanted to hate him for taking my grandmothers or decided it was easier to hide from him behind my fat body than face the problems in my life.
4. My in laws - Morris, Judy, and Eric try to make me always feel at home even though they probably aren't used to my quirks.
5. My fantastic friends - I have a wonderful best friend in Lacy who I know gets frustrated with me but will be there when I need at any moment! Dusty is a great guy who has made her so happy and still accepted her baggage of weirdo friends. I also have great friends in Josh and Marlayna, Brittany, Anna, and Rebecca, and tons of others that really make Kevin and I happy!
6.The good health of my loved ones because life is so precious and can be taken away at any minute.
7. I have a beautiful home with beautiful things that are in good condition and could house me and my family for many years.
8. I have a reliable car with plenty of room for moving anything and anyone I could ever need.
9. Perfect puppies that love me unconditionally and each have unique personalities that bring such joy to my life. They have their own quirks just like I do but still manage to be the best they can be!
10. My job and opportunities - God provided me with an education and a job in which I can do what I love and still have time for my husband and weight loss efforts. Not many people can up and quit and hope that they find something and have the perfect job fall in their lap.

I could go on and probably should go on but I'm getting tired now. I'm going to call my adorable husband who is right now working hard to provide for me and tell him I love him.
Good night for real this time...