Sunday, November 23, 2008

Breathing a little easier...

Whew! I'm exhausted! But I'm also very pleased with the results of my most recent projects. On Saturday I hosted a baby shower for my cousin Khanni at my house. Kevin and I have been working like crazy on the house for months. During the tile floor fiasco we basically moved everything from our house into our garage. It was a nightmare! We have been moving back into our house ever since then. We got the main pieces put back in but inside cabinets, under sinks, on shelves, they were all a disaster. Trying to find the right size sheets, a certain size batteries, the lightbulbs, just anything that would have been put away and organized...couldn't find it. We've been busy this week putting back on baseboards, fixing our broken ceiling fans, moving books and shelves back into the office. Several nights we stayed up very late working on it. On top of all of it I managed to have a severe allergy attack last weekend and ended up with a SEVERE sinus infection. I couldn't even function. I was prescribed an antibiotic and a steroid. I started feeling better slowly during the week but the steroid made me very light headed during the day. I was also scheduled to substitute on both tuesday and thursday this week so I didn't have any down time to recuperate. We managed to get our house so organized I can't believe it. I can find anything in a flash. Kevin was a huge help getting everything together. My mom came into town and help picked everything up for the shower. It turned out really cute. Everyone fit into the house really well and Khanni got lots of cute presents. She is expecting baby Liam sometime in January. Her husband Jeremy is scheduled to deploy to Iraq for a year just one week before her due date. We are all hoping that she will move back down to San Angelo while Jeremy is gone. Her mom and the rest of us would be close enough to help with the baby. Today has been so relaxing! Kevin and I slept late and then watched several of our DVR'd shows. (We have like 30 hours of shows! We haven't been able to watch any TV in weeks!) My mom and dad came over just after noon and I could a mock Thanksgiving dinner since we will be gone next week. Turkey breasts, green bean casserole, mashed potatos, and stove top stuffing. It wasn't nearly as good as the real dinner my mom makes but it worked.

I really need to start blogging regularly again. I did much better on my diet and was overall really happier when I got my thoughts down on paper. I am at 38 pounds lost now. I've danced around that number for the last month. Kevin is at 55 pounds! He is almost done and will be going on maintenance in the next couple of weeks. I will post pictures from the baby shower and the pictures from our sears photoshoot for our 6th wedding anniversary. Until I'm back again...