Monday, January 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Monday-Leftovers! We are still finishing the Taco soup and my brother brought some brisket over from a great restaurant in Bronte so... Taco soup and brisket sandwiches! I know! A weird combination!
Tuesday-Subway for Kevin and I! Kevin's first night of class! We've got to figure out how he is going to eat before class!
Wednesday-Roast, Carrots, & Potatos (Didn't get to it last week! I ended up having to go to the doctor :( so we ate dinner in town while waiting to pick up my prescription.)
Thursday-Soup and Sandwiches
Friday-Porkchops (Does anyone know any good porkchop recipes?)

This week is a BIG week for Kevin and I so our menu plan is be kind of strange. Tomorrow Kevin has his first day as a college student! Kevin will be attending Howard College at night after he gets off work so dinner will really just be me and the dogs. He is taking 12 hours and will be going on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I'm so proud of him! School was not something Kevin even wanted to think about after he got out of the Marines but I just didn't want him to regret in 10 years. He has the GI Bill to pay for school so it would be wasted money if he didn't go! I've mentioned him starting about once a semester for that last several years but this year he decided to go! He has just enough time left on his GI bill to finish a bachelors degree. I know he is going to do so well!

I also took the plunge and am starting school this semester at Texas Tech for my masters degree! I started to apply but chickened out and never finished my application but amazingly...I got in anyway! I figured that this must be God telling me it was time to get started so here goes nothing! My program is completely online so that makes it easier on our schedule. I'm only taking one class since I got accepted too late to apply for financial aid but I'm applying this month so hopefully I'll get a scholarship for this summer and on! Like I said...a busy time for both of us but an exciting time also. I'm sad about the time I'll have to be away from Kevin when he is in class but I know this is best for us in the long run!