Friday, February 20, 2009

I passed!!!

On January 31st I spent ALL day taking tests. I took the EC-12 Technology Applications exam and the EC-4 Generalist exam. Well I wasn't expecting the results until next Monday but today I got an email saying the scores were in! I passed both exams!!! I'm SOOOOO excited! I was really worried about the tests because there was 1 area on each exam that I really struggled with! I left the testing center with a really bad feeling in my stomach but I guess I did it!!! Now I'm certified to teach in those two areas along with my current certificate of Business Education grades 6-12. Hopefully this will help me get a full time job this next year! WHEW! What a relief!!!

PS: By the way...I'm still sick. VERY sick! I'm at home today and can barely breathe. I'm coughing like crazy. I was up for HOURS last night coughing. The stuff in my chest has really tightened up too so now I'm wheezing pretty badly. I was so excited when my test scores came in that I yelped a little bit and ended up in a 5 minute coughing fit before I could call and tell anyone the news! I called my doctor and he is calling in a prescription for me but I won't be able to take it until Kevin picks it up and gets home from his doctor cause he's still sick too! Like I said I'm expecting the Center for Disease Control to show up at anytime!