Sunday, February 22, 2009

Still sick...

Yep, still sick. Only mildly better. Better considering I'm no longer so dizzy that I get stuck in the bathtub (yes more will come on this point at a later time) but still sick enough to be miserable and to call getting 4 hours of straight sleep a miracle. Kevin's doing much better. He still has a raspy voice and occasional cough but better. I'm figuring I'm about 2 days behind him in this horrible process. So let us hope that I have no more than 2 days of this left.

Friday night was the absolute worst. My temp got up to 101.5. Not the world's worst but higher than I've had one in a LONG time. After Kevin got home from work he brought the medicine my doctor prescribed. I took the first pill of my antibiotic and within an hour was in bed with multiple layers of clothes on and several blankets covering me up with the worst chills I've ever had. I thought my teeth were going to break they were banging against each other so badly. Apparently I had a very harsh reaction to the antibiotic (they are 500mg pills). I was dizzy and weak I couldn't walk to the bathroom. Kevin had to help me...poor man. A couple hours later the chill stopped (fever continued) but then I was so hot my eyelids hurt and my chest was so congested that I couldn't breathe. Sitting in the bathtub has always made me feel better when I'm sick so I decided to try it out. I SLOWLY made my way into the bathroom (this is around 1:30 am) filled the tub and got in all the while trying not to fall over. It was the scariest feeling I've ever had in my life. I sat in the tub but it didn't help so I decided to take a shower and steam up the bathroom. Sometimes that helps congestion. Well when I decided to get out of the tub...I couldn't. The whole world was spinning and my whole body hurt. Even the bottom of my feet. I weakly tried calling for Kevin but he didn't hear me. I didn't really want to wake him up anyway because he has been so sick too and was finally sleeping! I finally managed to drain the tub completely then get on my hands and knees and crawl out on all fours. Yeah I was real impressive. I finally managed to get up since I could hold onto the toilet (so gross!) and then I did stand up in the shower. I had to hold onto the wall the whole time but it did help my cough.

I was up for most of the rest of the night. I think I was kinda afraid I wouldn't wake up if I went to bed but mostly I was so hot and couldn't breathe that sleep didn't come. Needless to say I was still wide awake just after 5 am when I knew my brother would be getting up to get ready for the physical fitness portion of his fire fighter application. So I texted to make sure he was awake and to wish him luck and then finally fell asleep around 7:30am. Justin did fabulous on his test just so you know! He was the 2nd fastest out of his group and even made the news on KLST and KSAN. Out of 50 people they put him on the news! It's cause he's just so darn cute! That was really the worst night. I was scared to take my antibiotic again after how I reacted to it but I decided to take it earlier in the day so Kevin would be awake to help me and I did much better. Still feel cruddy, still coughing, wheezing, sneezing, sore throat, headache, sinus pressure, and dizzy spells every once in a while but my temperature has stayed down and it hasn't been like friday night. I'm really hoping I will feel much better in the morning for work but we will see. Right now I have a deep painful coughing attack about every 2 minutes and the other symptoms pretty constantly. Now I'm going to retire to my bed where my bedside table is filled with so many meds that I can't pick them all up at one time, turn on my humidifier, bury myself in my blankets and pray that I will get more than 4 hours of sleep tonight. That is my longest run so far. Wish me luck!