Friday, February 27, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request

I just heard that one of my students from last year, a sweet boy named John Weslee, is on life support in a hospital in San Antonio. Wednesday morning JW woke up with numbness in his fingers, arms, and legs. He has been diagnosed with Guillan-Barre Syndrome which is a life threatening illness where the body's immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system eventually causing paralysis. It hit him quickly. John Weslee is a junior this year and a fantastic basketball player. I have hope because my grandfather survived this illness but please pray for his healing and for peace for his friends. He has a lot of very scared very stressed out friends worried about him right now. These kids are already stressed with TAKS tests coming next week and now I know they are really upset. Please also pray for patience for John Weslee because recovery is a very long and hard process. My grandfather was in the hospital paralyzed for 6 months during 1995. He survived but had to have physical therapy to learn to walk again. Please add him to your prayer lists.
PS I'm feeling much better than I was but I'm still pretty sick. The chest congestion is finally almost gone but it has turned into a serious sinus infection and sore throat. I'm starting my second round of antibiotics today. The antibiotic is really strong and make me feel kinda weak and dizzy but I actually slept all night last night!