Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm just gonna come right out and say it...

This totally SUCKS!!! About 5 minutes after I wrote my post for spring break I went to get a drink and noticed my throat was a little sore. Nothing terrible just annoying like I swallowed a chip wrong. I tried to go to bed a few hours later and was up all night long! I went to the walk-in clinic on saturday and was told I have strep throat!!! I'm absolutely miserable! On top of the strep throat I'm having congestion in my nose & ears and drainage running down my throat making it worse! I just finished my last antibiotics a week ago! I had so much planned to get accomplished this weekend and now I can't do anything. I haven't had strep in years but I never remember it being this bad. My temperature stayed at 102.0 for a very long time and I've barely slept. Pray for me cause I'm miserable and pray for Kevin so he won't get it. I love my students but dang I wish they wouldn't get me sick!