Monday, March 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 3/9/09

Still menu planning...I'm going to list this week's menu and then...I'm gonna review last week's menu.

Monday-Subway Subs

Tuesday-Tropical Island Pork
This calls for something called "kitchen bouquet". Since I didn't know what this was I found a substitute recipe for that ingredient...
-Put 1/4 cup brown sugar and in a heavy pan over low heat. Cook, stirring constantly, until sugar is very dark brown but not burned. Add water slowly, stirring constantly. Let cool. Store in refrigerator.

Wednesday-Cheeseburger Pie
-I think I'm going to add some crispy crumbled bacon to this recipe before I bake it. Kevin LOVES bacon!

Thursday-Chicken Tortilla Soup

Friday-Leftovers or hopefully we'll get to go out to dinner somewhere!

Saturday/Sunday-Ham & Cheese Orzo Casserole
-This one looks like it could be a doozy..."mornay sauce, roux, Bechamel" but it sounds good. It will definately be an experiment. That is why this is a weekend recipe. (I'm also hoping my Mom will show up to help with this one! lol)

So that is the adventure I'm going to attempt this week. I also have a big assingment for grad school due tomorrow night and I'm subbing at Crockett Elementary on Thursday so hopefully this will all get done.

Last week I got several of the things cooked that I planned. (That doesn't normally happen.) The tortellini soup turned out TERRIBLE! I know it had to be something I did. I'm pretty sure that I burned the garlic or it was just bad. I tried a few bites and could get more than that down. Chalk it up to experience I guess. The Parmesan-Crusted porkchops were wonderful! I got the oil too hot on the first two so the outside got a little too done but the flavor was great! I ended up making the Hoison & Honey sauce and putting it on meatballs instead of the porkloin. The sauce was very good.

I did make it to the gym today and I've been writing my points in my three month journal really well! I've always used the electronic tracker but I stopped doing that so I decided maybe I needed to change things up. Not subbing in Eden tomorrow. I was going to but that assignment for Grad school is taking MUCH longer than expected. I'll get my grocery shopping and some other things done tomorrow as well.

I'm done rambling for today...