Monday, March 23, 2009

Quick Update

At this moment in time...I am well. At least for the most part. Now don't hold your breath because at the rate I'm going about 10 minutes from now I could be in bed with my next disabling disease. I last posted on Sunday while I was still getting worse. By Monday I was so sick and half crazy with pain that I got up and drove myself back to the clinic and told my doctor that he hadn't done anything but made me worse. Long story short...I had strep throat and "something else" to quote the doctor. He wasn't sure what the "something else" was but he gave me a shot in the rear end, a really high powered antibiotic (4 pills a day), and a pain med called hydrocodone (which was really, really good!). The pain meds made me a little loopy so at one point I told Kevin and my parents that it looked like a bird had pooped in my throat because of all the swelling and puss on my tonsils.

Finally starting feeling a little better on Thursday which was good because that was my adorable husband's 28th birthday!

Happy 28th Birthday Kevin Allen Johnson! You are more handsome and loved than ever!

I managed to finally get out a little that day. My mom drove me around since I wasn't tip top shape yet and we went and bought Kevin birthday cards, a lemon meringue pie, and a small cake to share. We ate lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings with my parents and Kevin's co-workers. I managed to do ok during lunch but didn't eat much. I felt bad since we didn't get to go to Haskell due to my illness so I wanted to give Kevin some kind of celebration. By Thursday night I was feeling much better. We went over to Lacy and Dusty's house for a little while and had a nice visit.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday flew by with me trying to finish all the things I didn't get done while I was sick. I didn't even get started on my assignments for grad school I wanted to work on. I'm still working on 3rd quarter grades. The latest I should turn them in to the teachers is Wednesday so I'm trying to get them done. I'm going to work on them tomorrow along with grocery shopping and turning in my updated application for SAISD and an application for the new charter school Texas Leadership Charter Academy. It'll be a busy day. Took my last antibiotic today so hopefully I'll stay well for a while. Back to my grades now...