Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fun Facts from an Elementary and Jr. High Computer Lab

1. I once had an 8th grader scream bloody murder because her computer screen was filling up with the letter M all by itself. I ran over, told her to stop screaming, and calmly picked up her book. It had been sitting on her keyboard...on the letter M.

2. 99% of the time when I have a student says that their computer has a problem... it can be fixed by closing and reopening whatever program they were running. I tell them this...repeatedly...all day long.

3. I swear computer labs are like the best breeding ground for germs in the world. It has to be their Cancun. I have 18 computers and 11 thirty minutes classes a day. That is 396 hands a day. A minimum of 180 of those 386 hands, pick their boogers. That is a very conservative estimate.

4. Kids have the most amazing ability to destroy a set of headphones in hours without anyone seeing! I can put out a brand new set first thing in the morning and by 2:00 pm the wires are showing, the ear padding is gone, and the sound will work in only one ear. This is all after I've been eyeballing the headset all day. I have no idea how they do it.

5. When log in names are used to access a computer, the log in name becomes the author of documents created in certain programs. I once had 8 students all digitally turn in a MS Word assignment and all were authored by "dsmith08".* They couldn't figure out how I knew they were cheating. I also had several students turn in a document where everyone mispelled Opera and wrote Oprah instead. Yeah those guys weren't too happy about their grades either.

*Usernames have been changed to protect the not so innocent.


Ashley @ The Happy Little Home said...

Hahaha this was so funny!!

Ashley @ The Happy Little Home said...

Okay so I finally got through reading your blog and your weight loss is so inspiring! I went to weight watchers about 2 years ago and kind of fizzled out. I would love to go with my husband. Did he enjoy it? I have a hard time thinking he would go with me but I think it would work for him. Again, thanks for sharing your and his journey, it definitely got me thinking about going back. Have a great day!