Sunday, April 19, 2009

Helen Devitt-Jones

Helen Devitt-Jones...who is this lady? I honestly do not have a clue but nonetheless I love her.


Because I was recently notified that I received a Helen Devitt-Jones Part time graduate scholarship to Texas Tech University!

It isn't much, only $400 a semester for Summer 2009, Fall 2009, and Spring 2010. I'm so happy to receive something! Now I'm not ungrateful, I just say it isn't much because my 1 graduate class I'm taking this semester cost over $700. Kevin's 4 undergraduate courses he is taking cost about $900. It is a part time scholarship so I will be able to take only the 6 hours a semester I had planned. I'm hoping to find a full time job next year so 6 hours would really be the max I could take.

I do not want to leave my current job because I'm enjoying it so much but I realize that for this time in our lives...I need something full time with benefits. I got teary eyed the other day thinking about not seeing my kids next year but hopefully I'll get to stop by everyonce in a while. Last week my principal asked me if I would be back next year and I was honest with him. I told him that I needed to look for something full time but if I didn't find anything I would definately come back again next year. I also told him to keep me in mind if he has a full time position that opens up. It would be a regular classroom teacher job instead of business/technology but if that is what I find...then that is where God wants me.

I've been doing a lot of assignments for my grad class. Several are due on next Tuesday so once again...I should be doing homework. My final project is due on April 28th so I'll have a little break after that! I've been working a lot on my degree audit and planning my future classes. At this point, going only part time, I could graduate in December 2010 or May 2011. I've also been working on Kevin's and Justin's degree audits. Kevin should graduate with his Associates in August 2010 and Justin should graduate around the same time as me, August or December 2010. Kevin will start at Angelo State right away and should graduate with his Bachelors in August 2012. The next three years are going to be a little stressful but I'm very proud of him for going to school. He is doing a wonderful job just like I always knew he would!

Just a quick update on my Dad: He went back to Houston last week and they said things are looking good. They wanted to make sure though so he had to have another CAT scan. The doctor should call with those results on Monday. He is as ornery as ever and we are so thankful he is feeling better. I have done TONS of research on the internet about Blunt Laryngeal Trauma and we are so lucky he is alive. Almost every article I read stated that treatment for his kind of fracture is very minimal and not well known because most people die from the injury. I've had a little bit of a tough time realizing how close we were to losing him but I know God saved him for a reason and I'm so thankful. Thank you for your prayers.

I have approximately 13 teaching days left at Trinity. There will be several Fridays that are early dismissals where they won't have computers. Well back to my homework now...I've stalled enough.