Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Ragdoll in La

I have two great pieces of news to share!!! I'm extremely excited about both but...I'm going to start with the one that has pictures!!!

On July 25th, 2009 at 8:00 pm I will be at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with floor seats at an AEROSMITH and ZZ TOP concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE Aerosmith!!!!! I mean love, love, looooovvvvveeee Aerosmith! I have always wanted to see them in concert but never been able to. Between school and work I've always been busy. Kevin promised me a long, long time ago that if they ever performed in Vegas that we would go. Well my mom got an email on Friday announcing the concert and emailed it to me because my entire family knows how much I've always wanted to go. Kevin and I bought tickets the moment the presale opened up. We will be on the floor right in front of the stage!!!

We already booked our flights and hotel. We will be staying at the Monte Carlo. I wanted to stay really close by so we wouldn't have to pay for taxis. That gets WAY expensive!

I also love ZZ Top. A trait I picked up from my parents! I LOVE the tv show called Bones that has David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top guest stars as Angela's father on that show and those are some of the best episodes!!!

I always say that I have a wide variety of music that I like. I love classic rock, modern rock, pop, rap, jazz, country...the list just goes on and on. I could be listening to Michael Buble one second and then Mims the next. Some of my favorites though are classic rock songs that I grew up listening to with my parents. Scheduling actually worked out great because I have to be at my business conference in Houston right after so we will drive to Houston, fly to Vegas, spend 4 days, fly back to Houston and be there for 4 more days for the conference!

Speaking of also worked out perfectly because I will be teaching Kids Kollege and Adult computer classes for Angelo State this summer! I will be teaching Kids Kollege courses from 1-5:15 for three weeks in June and the adult courses from 9-noon on Mondays and Wednesdays from June 15-July 20th. I've been really praying about a way to make money this summer. Since I'm hourly and there isn't school in the summer...I wouldn't be bringing home a paycheck. I barely make anything!!! I mean really nothing...barely even pays my health insurance each month but it does help. I should actually be making a little more than I do right now and it will be really fun! They also want me to think about teaching adult continuing education computer classes at nights all year long. This should be great experience and a great addition to my resume. I'm completing my masters so that I will have the opportunity to teach at the college level someday so this will be a great advantage. I will still have a lot of time off and be able to make some good money. Our trip and my conference will be right after it ends and then I will have several more weeks off before summer ends and I will hopefully begin a FULL TIME job somewhere.