Monday, May 25, 2009

My Reason to Remember

On Memorial Day, we all have different reasons to remember. These are mine.

Corporal Kevin Allen Johnson, USMC

Lance Corporal Eric Daniel Johnson, USMC

Those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in one way or another...

Lance Corporal Aaron C. Austin KIA 4-26-2004

Lance Corporal Jose Gutierrez KIA 3-21-2003

Lance Corporal Brad S. Shuder KIA 4-12-2004

Lance Corporal Robert P. Zurheide Jr. KIA 4-12-2004

Elena and Robbie Zurheide


KAJ said...

Thank you, that was very special! I Love you and you should include yourself in there to someone who has sacrificed so much. The wives and families should never be forgotton, because without yall...who is there to make us smile, comfort us when we are down, and stand by our side through the tough times. No Matter What.
Semper Fidelis.
Rest In Peace Brothers.