Monday, May 18, 2009

Sad Eyes

I'm having the "last day" of some of my preschool classes today since we do not have school next Monday and I've seen more sad eyes today than I ever wanted to see. I've had all I can take of sad eyes! I've beat my quota! Reached my fill! They make me feel so loved and I don't want to leave them! I want to hold onto them and never let them grow up!

Working with the little ones has been such a blessing this year. I will miss them terribly next year. No more "I love you Mrs. Johnson" "Your beautiful Mrs. Johnson" "Your the best teacher Mrs. Johnson". It makes me wonder why I want to leave them for moody gives me a hug and wipes boogers all over my shirt. lol No I wouldn't trade any of them for the world but I realize that I need to make more money and have health insurance. Maybe someday...I'll get to work with little ones again.


Linz said...

I just realized that it was you that won the contest on MckMama's blog! How exciting. I never win anything. :(