Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer is here!

Well I had my last classes for the school year on Wednesday. My students were great and I've really enjoyed them! I got several cute little gifts and many hugs and "I'll miss you's!" I got a little teary eyed but managed to keep it together. I will miss the little darlings. It was kinda anticlimactic though. I started Summer 1 at Texas Tech the same day and I'm walking straight into the summer classes I'm teaching. I start teaching kids kollege on June 8th and then Senior college on June 15th. I've been busy working on getting my handouts ready and then starting my assignments from Tech. This afternoon I'm going to a bridal shower and getting my nails done with my mom. I think it will finally feel like summer is starting on Monday when there isn't any school!

I never updated about how my meeting went last week. I was asked to come speak with a principal at a local high school. He has a position that has opened up for an English/Journalism(Yearbook) teacher. He wanted to speak with me since I have experience teaching yearbook. He also may have a position opening for a business teacher. His thoughts were that if the business position opened up he would have me teach BCIS for 5 classes a day and and 2 yearbook classes a day. This is still a big IF though because the business teacher is yet to definitively leave or stay. I'm really hoping this works out. I believe I would really enjoy it and we need the money and health insurance. I believe that the business teacher has until July 4th to decide so I could be in for a long wait. Please pray that this works out. I went ahead and registered to take the Journalism grades 8-12 Texes exam in June. I figure it can't hurt since I have the yearbook experience. We'll I've got to get ready to go the the bridal shower! I'll be back again soon!