Thursday, June 4, 2009

Briar Claire

Hello Everyone! The other day Kevin comes rushing in the house after he got home from work. He says, "You got a package!" And then proceeds to nonchalantly plop a small package down on the desk in front of me.

There in the return address at the very top left hand corner of the package in the most adorable pink pen was the name that made me laugh out loud! MckMama!!! I shouted, "Kevin!" and he popped out from around the door. He had been waiting for my reaction after I saw who the package was from! He knew I had won MckMama's contest and was supposed to recieve a prize! I was thrilled!

I quickly opened the package and as fast as my fat little fingers could fly I opened the top of the cute pink bag and spread my goodies across the desk! Please excuse the quality of the picture. I've been taking pictures with my iPhone lately. I need to charge my camera battery.

The Briar Claire clips are even more adorable in person! Oh how I wish I had a little girl right now! I can't wait for the day I get to put them on a bunch of beautiful pig tails!

I could put them in the hair of a cute baby I know. I do have the world's most adorable God son. You just have to agree. His name is Callen. He might not appreciate that though. Here I'll just show you how adorable he is.

See I knew you would agree. We will look at another just for grins.

Anyway...back to the subject. I'm putting my clippies in the drawer with my other secret baby goodies and someday...God will bless me with a little baby that will look adorable in them. Thank you MckMama! Thank you very very very much!


Kim H. said...

That is a sweet little smile.

Interesting - maybe I should start a little secret stash of baby things... I haven't let myself go there, but it sure sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got them and that they made you happy!!!!!

Becky said...

Those are very cute! You can save them in your hope drawer for your baby someday :)