Monday, June 8, 2009

A Funk

Well... Things are really crazy right now. We took a little time to eat lunch with my parents on Saturday and everything has snowballed since then. I'm taking two seconds to post and probably regret it later. Kids College starts today from 1 - 5:15. It will be every night this week. I've been writing curriculum like crazy and I have a feeling after the first class today...I will probably end up completely redoing it tonight. I have an assignment for grad school due tonight that I haven't started and another I haven't started due on Wednesday night. I think we're supposed to play Bunko again tomorrow night but I haven't heard anything so I'm kinda hoping they change it.

I haven't had a chance to make a menu plan much less shop for groceries and we are completely out of several staples (like my morning oatmeal!). I've got to get up the the Extended Studies center at ASU this morning to fill out paperwork and make copies and then get to my computer lab ahead of time to set up the computers. The Senior Adult College classes I'm teaching start next week also.

Both my Office class and Careers class made this week and my photoshop class is already full for the week after next. I have only had 1 person sign up for a finance classes next week and I'm really hoping we don't get enough students to do the classes. I think I may have bit off more than I can chew with grad school, teaching summer classes, and I still haven't gotten back up to Trinity to work on the computers. That might have to wait until July.

I still haven't heard about a job position for the fall and it is driving me crazy! I went to the doctor last week to set up a primary care physician. I've been supposed to have one for years and never got around to it. They drew blood, which was a horrifying experience...they couldn't find a vein and now my arms and hands are bruised all over. The results were supposed to be in on Friday but they didn't call and when I called my doctor had left for the day at lunchtime. Ugh! So I've been worrying about what the blood tests will say about my insulin levels and testosterone levels all weekend.

I'm stressed and cranky. I've got to get over this. I hate feeling this way. I have been doing good about getting up and working out on the elliptical in the mornings. Other than that...I need to get out of my funk and can't figure out how! Whew...that feels a little better. I guess I needed to complain a


Kim H. said...

Oh girl... this is the dip in the roller coaster. I will have this too - it seems that I rock along fine for a while - then the fertility train starts rolling again and it becomes a HUGE roller coaster every single time! Ugh... I'm hearing "All Aboard" today... so here we go again. :-)