Monday, June 15, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 6/15/09

Well after my mini meltdown last finally got things accomplished. I was able to get our menu plan and grocery shopping finished for this week. Some good, simple recipes this week so I'm very excited.

*Please remember even though I post point values for my recipes they are only estimates that I build in the WW Recipe Builder! You need to double check the point values for yourself because they can change drastically with simple changes in product. (Compare the point value of a regular can of cream of chicken soup with the healthy choice can of the same is ridiculous!) You also may notice that my dinner meals are a little high in pts per serving. This is because I usually eat very few points during the day and save most of my points for the evening. It is hard to find good dinner recipes that are extremely low points. If I do good during breakfast and lunch I'm less likely to blow my whole day.

I found a new website called the Weight Watcher Chick and I really like it! Most of this weeks recipes came from her site! Go Check it out!

Monday-Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti (10 servings/7 pts each)
Tuesday-Sweet & Sour Pork (4 servings/8 pts each)
Wednesday-Cheese Stuffed Chicken (I LOVE cheese! Can you tell? lol) (3 servings/7 pts each)
Thursday-Bubble Up Pizza Casserole (Serves 8/7 pts per serving)
Friday-Chicken Parisienne (Serves 3/7 pts per serving) Remember to add points for any pasta you use!)