Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Something that has never happened to me before...

Warning! This post is very weird, very random, and slight icky!

Ok I've been debating about posting this for a few days because it is's driving me crazy so I'm just gonna talk about it. In April I went up to the hospital to visit my dad. He was having a very minor surgical procedure and my mom was waiting for him so I brought her lunch. When I was carrying in our food and drinks to a side door of the hospital I managed to smash the door into my pinky toe! (Wearing flip flops of course!) I didn't even want to look down. I thought I had cut it off.

I mean...we are talking pain like I haven't felt before. I almost fell over, the world spun, I thought I was going to black out. (Yes I realize I'm a wuss. I've never given birth but it was worse than when I broke my leg! lol) Luckily, my dad's room was just around the corner from the door so I hobbled over quickly and dumped the food onto the end table. I had to sit down and breathe deeply for several minutes before color starting coming back into my surroundings. I was laughing like a maniac and my mom couldn't figure out what was going on with me! Finally I managed to tell her what happened and about 2 days later it finally stopped aching.

I looked fine so I never thought anything else about it until the nail starting growing. It grew in with blood dried underneath it and wasn't connected anymore! It was so gross! I just kept getting pedicures and kept painted with pretty dark summer colors and so it looked fine.

Finally the other day I kind of drug my foot across some carpet Kevin has rolled in the garage and the whole nail fell off! I have never had this happen before! It doesn't hurt but looks terrible. I don't know what to do! It makes me so mad because I wear flip flops constantly during summer.

Should I have a fake nail put on? Put a band-aid on and ignore it? Ah! If this has happened to you before...please let me know what to do! I'm going to post a picture so you can see how dorky it looks. Sorry that this was kind of gross!!!


Kim H. said...

Oh that pain is the worst! I mean I get sick at my stomach whenever anything happens with my feet...

I say you wear it loud and proud - I mean honestly - if anyone is looking that closely - kick them in the face :-)

Erin said...

Weird! Hmm something like that happened to my mother in law, and the doctor said it would grow in on its own again. And, honestly, it doesn't look bad! I agree with Kim- loud and proud!