Monday, August 3, 2009

2009 Summer Vacation Day 1 & 2

Kevin and I decided to head out on Thursday night to break up the drive a little bit. I looked on mapquest and booked a hotel in Universal City, Texas. That was almost exactly half way to Houston. We weren't able to leave until pretty late so we didn't arrive until after midnight. It was just a cheap Super 8 motel but was actually pretty nice and included breakfast in the morning.

My dear sweet cousins Audra and Leah came to house sit and dog sit this week. Kevin and I were eternally grateful to be able to leave our little girls with trustworthy people who dote on them like we do and they didn't have to leave home. I was very upset with my vet last wednesday because I believe they hurt Tootsie when the girls were getting their baths. (I'll rant about this later!) Having Audra and Leah to watch them made it where Kevin and I could enjoy ourselves without worrying!

We left the Super 8 in Universal City around 11 on Friday morning and drove to Houston. We've been told my multiple people that we need to stop at a store called Buc-ee's in between San Antonio and Houston. It just so happened that we came upon it around lunch time so we decided to stop and check it out. It is the craziest convience store I've ever seen. It is in the middle of nowhere and is HUGE! It has everything you could possibly imagine and was so packed you could barely walk around to check everything out. We got lunch and Kevin managed to weasel his way into an entire box of home made fudge in multiple flavors. I'm not big on fudge. I'd rather have a brownie anyday but he wanted it so he got it. I swear there was at least 40 very nice stalls in the girls bathroom and Kevin said the guys bathroom was the same. If you are ever traveling that way stop and check it out.

We made it to the airport in plenty of time and were able to sit in the airport for a while. It would have been nice and relaxing after our drive but there were 4 LOUD little kids running and screaming through the gate area. I could not believe their parents were letting them act that way. I saw one almost flatten a little old lady and her husband. The teacher in me had to bite my tongue really hard to keep from saying anything. Our flight to Vegas left Houston around 6 pm. It was the WORST flight that I have ever been on in my entire life (and I've actually flown quite a bit). It was so packed I thought I was going to suffocate and we had the 4 screaming obnoxious kids riding in the seats right behind us. It was a non stop flight so we had 3 hours with the lovely little ones. Flying sure is fast but I really would rather drive.

When we arrived in Vegas it was already getting late (no I didn't take the above picture) so we headed straight to the Monte Carlo to check in. We hadn't stayed there before so we didn't know what exactly to expect but it was really nice! Our room was on the 10th floor and overlooked the pool (which turned out to be a good and bad and more info to come). We got settled in and went walking around in the casino and on the strip a little bit. We gambled a little and there was a good food court in the casino so we got some dinner and finally headed to bed pretty late. We were so tired from our constant travel but we really did enjoy the day! Next Post: Vacation Day 3 and Aerosmith!