Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2009 Summer Vacation Day 3 Part 2 AEROSMITH!

Going to the ZZ Top and Aerosmith concert was AMAZING! It was definately a once in a lifetime dream come true! We had fabulous seats...I was on the floor in a center aisle seat so I could see straight down to the stage (for us short people...this is necessary!) This is the best picture I could find to explain how close to the stage we were...

You can see Kevin's back on the bottom right corner of the picture and I obviously sat to his immediate left. You'll recognize him by his bluetooth earpiece that he NEVER takes off. We have drama about his never ending use of the earpiece and there was even a more interesting situation around this earpiece during the trip. You'll hear about that later on. The people on the stage were young guys that won a guitar hero contest to play before the concert. They were really funny. They are actually on the very back part of the stage. Steven Tyler spent most of his time on the front of the stage on the little island that stuff forward. When he was on the island he was only about 25 yards away. The only issue I had during the whole concert was with the older couple with long hair snuggling in this picure. They spent almost the whole concert groping each other very disgustingly and dancing in the aisle so I couldn't see. I finally got so annoyed that I had the usher tell them to get back in their seats. lol

ZZTop came on first and played every song I've ever loved! I took some fabulous short sound recordings using my iphone and if I could figure out how to put them on here and wasn't afraid I was infringing some kind of copyright (Sorry the tech teacher in me wins out) I would post them for ya'll. They put on a very good concert and we were so glad they opened for Aerosmith.

This pic is not very good but it was the only one of Kevin and I together in front of the stage. There was an hour long intermission between concerts which I thought was weird but we ended up talking to the people sitting next to us and realizing that our entire row was all from different parts of Texas! Weird!

Due to my pitifully poor point and shoot camera this was the clearest stage shot that we could get. Please ignore the strange hand in the middle of the picture. Steven Tyler is absolutely crazy and I absolutely loved it! This was when he was on the very back of the stage. The next picture was when Steven and Joe came out to play on the island!

During the concert Steven announced that there was a very special guest in the audience and then asked him to come on stage...it was Slash!!! He played on a song with them and then they showed Mia Tyler on the big screen. She was in the audience too! So neat!

We took sooooo many pictures that I'm really trying to limit myself to just a few.

After the concert Kevin and I wandered out onto the strip and explored for a long while. We wandered through the MGM, explored the Tropicana, and left a little money at New York New York. We had a very good time and finally lumbered back to the Monte Carlo very very very tired.

Well I finally finish this post...now I'm gonna get started on the next big parts of our trip. Until then...