Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2009 Summer Vacation Day 4 & 5

Sunday was SOOOOO hot! I believe the weather channel said it was 106 degrees which to West Texas really isn't that much but couple that temperature with all of the asphault, concrete, cars, and people that pack the sidewalks of Vegas and it goes up like 15 more degrees! We walked up and down the strip sightseeing and sweating along the way. We stopped in front of the dancing fountains at the Bellagio, saw Paris and the Eiffel tower, listened to a lady tell her 8 year old son not to look at the ground every 5 seconds as we walked along. If you've ever been to Vegas you know that the sidewalks and streets are littered with little cards of very naked women. Beats me why a woman would take a child so young to Vegas but it was almost humorous with her shrieking at him the whole time. We finally arrived at our destination hot and sweaty and ready for a drink. Our destination was Ceasar's Palace and the Serendipity restaurant there. Just check out the fantastic dessert that I had before my meal!!! (I know! So bad!)

This is the Frrozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity. They call it a drink but I consider it a dessert! Kevin and I were so hot that each got our own and drank it while waiting for our food. They were huge and so so so good! (I actually drank mine all through our meal and couldn't finish it but Kevin finished his!)

Here is Kevin enjoying himself!

Since it was vacation I did something I would never do...I order only macaroni & cheese as my entree and I LOVED IT! It was probably some of the best mac & cheese I've ever had.

We ate this as a late lunch because we would be having a late dinner that night. We had bought tickets to the dinner show at Excalibur called "The Tournament of Kings". It is a neat dinner show where actors ride horses, have a jousting tournament, and they feed you dinner that you must only eat with your hands. It was aimed at a younger audience but Kevin and I greatly enjoyed it. We also went to see the lion habitat at the MGM Grand that day.

Monday was the day we were to fly back to Houston. I mentioned before that we had a little incident with Kevin's bluetooth earpiece and this is the story. In the Las Vegas airport you go through security and then ride trains to the gate. When we arrived at our gate Kevin realized that his earpiece was missing. He had placed it in his hat to be scanned at security and the screener knocked the hat over. In our rush to get to the gate it must have been left on the conveyor belt. Kevin desperately wanted to return to get it but it was already to close to our flight leaving. It was broken in several places anyway so I said just leave it. Kevin without his earpiece is like a baby without a pacifier and it was a painful few days until we got another one. Which I finally did by complaining to the best buy employee that I had seen the earpiece for $30 cheaper so he sold it to me for that price instead! Yay, go me! lol

This trip just sealed the deal on my hatred for flying because we were once again uncomfortable on a miserable flight with so much turbulance that I got physically ill. It was the scariest situation I've ever been in. We were just about to land in Houston when the pilot announced that there was bad weather in Houston so we would circle above until it was safe to land. Almost an hour later they announced that the Houston airport was now closed and they would be taking us to San Antonio to land!!! Ugh! Once we landed in San Antonio no one new what was going on. We sat in that hot airplane for what seemed like forever. The turbulance made my stomach so sick I didn't even want to take off again. Finally they announced the airport had opened back up and they we would be taking off. We finally landed in Houston around 6 pm when we were supposed to land around 2:30. I'm going to say right now that if it is possible...I would always rather drive!!!

Once we landed we quickly made it to the Westin Galleria and got checked in. The hotel was very nice and connected directly to the Galleria mall. We walked around the mall and ate at The Cheesecake Factory that night! It was so good! My conference started the next day. I will write one more post about the conference to conclude our vacation postings. I'm trying to get these written down before school starts and I never get it finished. We had a good trip and I want to remember it.


* Tyly * said...

Man, the dessert and mac and cheese look DELICIOUS!!!!

I'm sorry about all the flight trouble, but I'm glad you made it back safely!

Can't wait to read the rest. :-)