Friday, August 7, 2009

4 Amazing Words...


They called and offered me the BCIS teacher position today. I'm thrilled, ecstactic, in disbelief, and exhausted. I literally have become exhausted in the process. I've been praying so fervently all summer just for a position to open and to get a job that when they called today...I was excited but so tired I didn't really get worked up. Instead of immediately calling Kevin and my parents and screaming into the phone, I very methodically typed a simple text message and added several people to the "To:" field and almost immediately after sending...recieved about 10 messages back in about 4 seconds. Thank you so much to everyone who responded and I greatly appreciate your prayers. I know that they are why I'm getting this opportunity.

I interviewed exactly 2 weeks and 2 days ago. I have been absolutely going crazy waiting to hear something. I was going to give up. The HR department called about 2minutes before noon today. I have a 1/2 day new teacher orientation and luncheon on Tuesday and then start inservice on Wednesday. They told me I could call my principal to see about going to see my room and for more info but the school closed at noon today. :( I was really hoping to get a little more information today so maybe I could get some work done this weekend. Guess I will have to wait patiently. At this point I don't even know if I have a permanent room or what classes I will be teaching. It could possibly be more than just BCIS.

I had a little bit of a dilema on my hands because I interviewed for the military training developer position on Wednesday and it went really well but there is one BIG catch. The position is a government contract position that could start tomorrow, next week, or maybe even not develop. They made it clear that I would make MUCH more money and that they would be any other offer I recieve.

I've been praying about it and discussing it with Kevin and my parents. Basically I decided to go with the old saying, "A bird in the hand is better than two in a bush." I almost positive I would've been offered the military training job but they spoke very clearly about the fact that it might not start until October and that government contracts can be pulled at anytime. We cannot wait for income until October and I don't want to even think about being laid off. I really think that it is something I want to do in the future but for now...I'm gonna stick with the students.

I went to Trinity early this morning to finish working on the computers and clean out my room. I got what I believe is everything out of my room and finished 6 of the computers. Once I figured out what I needed to took seconds (literally seconds) to get the sound cards working again. I'll go back this weekend to finish up. I had notified them earlier this week that I wouldn't be able to come back again this year. My principal knew I was looking for full time work and he understood. So...if anyone in my town is looking for a 3 day a week computer teacher position then let me know! It doesn't pay very well but it is enjoyable and fairly easy. I can hook you up!

In other news, Kevin and I did travel to Midland on monday for his test and received some very good news! Kevin's test came back very very very good and he apparently no longer has a low count problem. My doctor called and was very suprised that it improved so much. She said it could be that some of his meds have changed or the fact that he lost the 60 pounds. This is a huge blessing because if Kevin was going to require any treatment for that issue we would have had to pay for everything out of pocket.

I started my south beach diet on Monday...DANG THIS IS HARD! It is fantastic because I'm really never hungry but it is figuring out what I can eat and eating fast food is almost impossible! I never realized how much bread is on every type of fast food. I miss fruit and chocolate soooooooooo much! I didn't think I had such a sweet tooth until trying this. Apparently I was much worse than I thought. So far I've stayed on track and I can't wait until the 17th when my 2 weeks is up. I think I will weigh in the morning to see if there has been any change. I just don't see how there could be though because I've been eating a lot of steak, chicken, and shrimp this week. Oh well I guess we'll see.

I did a big thing this week...big for me anyway...I went to a tailor. I NEVER can find pants that are the correct length. Every pair I buy are always way too long. In the past I've bought shoes to make me taller or just wore the pants even though they were too long (yes I know..this is terribly bad fashion.) I've bought 7 new pairs of pants all on clearance and had all of them hemmed along with 2 old pairs I had. He did a very good job on them and I'm so glad to be able to just put them on without worrying about the length. I've also purchased 2 new pairs of shoes online that I'm waiting to come in. I'm hoping they are comfortable.

Well this post has gotten long and rambling. I've started several vacation posts with pictures but haven't finished them yet. Hopefully I can get several posted tomorrow because I want to always remember it. Again thank you for all your prayers these past months! I am loving my blog friends!


Selima said...
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Selima said...

Congratulations on the job! What a blessing from God. I will be praying that everything goes well.