Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Teacher Orientation and an Awesome Baby Brother

Just a quick update on the last couple of days. On Monday my school called and asked if I wanted to come up there to get my schedule, my shirt size, my keys, and have a tour of the school. Everyone was very nice and I was able to see my room. I was not able to get anything ready unfortunately because the previous teacher is transferring departments and has not moved out of the room yet. I'm so anxious to get things done and they said I should start bringing my things in but I didn't want to be rude. I also found out that not only will I be teaching BCIS 1...I am also teaching Webpage Design aka Webmastering. Ahh! I've taught almost all of the classes listed under my business certification and they picked the only one I haven't taught! I've been scrambling to tutor myself and find information. There is a textbook sitting in the room about page builder programs but I couldn't find the teacher's edition. Hopefully I will be able to get it tomorrow.

This morning I had new teacher orientation. Basically they introduced all the administration and have a couple of speakers. It also is a chance for all the professional teacher organizations to try and get you to join their group. I am already a member of the Texas Business and Technology Educators Association (TBTEA) so I didn't have to worry about that. Afterwards they took us a nice luncheon at Bentwood country club. I met a couple new teachers from my school and found out that I knew one of them already! Her name is Christa and we went to the same Fireproof bible study as them last February. I'm very glad. I have already had PDAS training so I did not have to attend the afternoon training session. Thank goodness! It was so boring the first time! After the luncheon I went to my brother's house to meet my parents and Kevin. I found out that I will be able to have a refridgerator and microwave in my room and there was a nice locking one on sale at Target so my mom, Kevin, and I went to Target to get it. The matching microwave was on sale too so I got it also. I also went looking for desk chairs because I was told that the chair in my room is the personal property of the previous teacher and that she will be taking it with her. I found a really comfy one for a nice price and picked it up also. It was an expensive day but I'm happy with my purchases!

They best news of the afternoon came after we were back at my brother Justin's house. Justin has been in the process of applying for the fire department since last January. It is a long process that takes forever. He has been #1 on the list for quite a while but just has been waiting for them to call to schedule the oral board interview. His interview was this afternoon and he was very nervous. He looked so handsome in his suit. I will have to post a picture so you can see. I only took it with my iPhone though so the quality isn't very good.

Needless to say I knew he would do fabulous and I believe he did. They sent him to another room after the interview, voted, and told him he had the job before he even left! I'm so proud of him!!!!! Congratulations my darling brother!!!

Tomorrow starts my first day of inservice. I have to be there at 7:30 in the morning so I'm off to bed. Even if the room isn't empty I'm going to start moving in tomorrow. I really don't have time to wait and the inservice schedule is a lot of training. I will have to do most of my preparing after working hours. Goodnight everyone!


rootsandrings said...

I live in Texas and my brother's name is Justin too. :)

* Tyly * said...

So your hubby went with Leo diamonds, huh? NICE! :-)

Thanks for the input!!!!