Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shattered Diamonds

Update: Kay's called and my ring won't be back until December 19th!!! It is ridiculous that it takes that long! I guess I'll decide what to do after I finally get it back. Ugh!

So I almost started crying on Thursday on school and no it wasn't because of my students. I went to the bathroom during lunch and was putting my ring back on after washing my hands when I dropped my wedding band. I had already gotten the engagement ring on but when the wedding band fell it hit the tile floor in the hallway. It gave a little bounce and landed right back where it had hit. I've dropped my rings before so I wasn't that worried but when I picked it up I noticed that the center stone had fallen out. I looked on the floor and was able to find the stone but when I picked it up I noticed that almost the entire top half of the stone had broken off. I was so upset!

I tried to find the other part of the diamond but the only thing else on the floor was a tiny pile of diamond dust. Luckily Kevin has my ring insurance through Kays Jewelry and through our insurance company. We took the ring to Kays and they looked at the ring said it would be fixed and they would get us a new diamond with the same cut, clarity, etc as our current stone and it wouldn't cost anything. whew...BUT it has to be sent off and I won't get it back until November 1st. :( I love my rings but the stones have gotten loose several times. Each time they have to be tightened I end up being with out it for quite a while. I'm starting to wonder if the problem is the way the stones are set in the band. The wedding band has what I believe are called pressure settings (kind of hard to explain) while the engagement ring has 4 prong settings.

Part of me thinks that I should have my stones set into a different more secure setting but another part loves my rings just the way they are. It is just so frustrating that they have to be sent off all of the time. This is probably the 6th time they been sent off to be fixed although I've never had a main stone come all the way out before. I'm going to include pictures that I got from the Kays website so you can see the settings. Mine aren't exactly what is shown because the stone size isn't correct and I have platinum bands but you can at least get an idea. What do ya'll think? Has anyone else had this problem? Are they going to be loose all the time no matter the setting? I'd appreciate some input.


* Tyly * said...

Oh my goodness, I can definitely see why you'd almost cry from that!!!

If you've been having so much trouble with the settings, maybe you could consider the switch. My band is channel set. Maybe something like that would help since the diamonds are set directly into the band. I'm not sure!

But I do see how it would be tough giving up your rings just the way you are. I'm sure you love them very much! Good luck making the best decision for you and your bling!

michelle said...

Thanks for visiting and saying congrats to me!!!

Mrs. Jenk said...

I would change out your ring! That would freak me out and seems to be a defect. Let Kevin pick out your next one if it bothers you :)

I have a girlfriend with PCOS and 2 precious daughters. Don't give up hope! You'll stroll down the Concho one day with a smile on your face and tears in your eyes.

Becky said...

Oh no! That is not good! Bless your heart! I am so glad they can fix it and not charge you, it may be the setting or something I would make sure and tell them to lock those suckers in there TIGHT this time! They are beautiful rings...can't wait until you get them back on your fingers!

CrimsonFlames said...

That must have been so upsetting...I would have been shattered along with the diamond!

It sounds like the setting has been giving you quite a bit of trouble...have you looked at all into getting a new one? As long as it's still in platinum, a new setting would probably hold your diamond a lot more securely.