Saturday, October 10, 2009

How things have been...

Well I know posts have been very sporadic & random on here lately and I'm sorry about that. Things at school have been really going remarkably well. My largest class has 19 students. I teach around 72 students each day which the is smallest number of students I've ever had. I make 1 set of lesson plans every week and now that Ms. Allen (another BCIS teacher) is back it goes much more quickly. We actually sat down and planned out the entire month of October on the 1st. Grading has me a little swamped but I'm definitely doing better than my first year. Grading in BCIS courses is so subjective. There isn't always one correct answer so sometimes it can take a VERY long time. Oct 2nd was the last week of the 1st six weeks and I was so proud because I actually had all my grading done and my grades verified before I left school that day. I have never before not graded all weekend at the end of a grading period.

I spent so much time on procedures at the beginning of the year that class goes really smoothly. My students walk in immediately get to work quietly on the focus activity...I introduce the lesson...we practice together and then they pick up their assignment and work quietly. It almost seems to good to be true! Sometimes I can't believe it is my classroom. Now that is my BCIS classes. My credit recovery classes are not quite the same. I am basically just administrating & grading self paced computer based courses. I have a few students that will do anything to get out of doing their work. One period is extremely small with only 3 students and last week we had a little wild day. I won't say exactly what happened but I will let you know that I walked the entire class down to visit the principal last Thursday and then Friday the students that were there behaved much better.

The district's administration walks through classrooms monthly in our town. I wrote in a previous post how I had my first administrative walk through with one of the district's assistant superintendents a few weeks ago and she gave me a really great appraisal! I was so excited! I was even more excited when I received my first paycheck on the 23rd! I haven't received a real paycheck since MAY so it was a welcome relief. I received a few small checks for my summer work but nothing substantial. I was thrilled when I realized that my bring home pay was literally twice the amount than my bring home pay from Eden was. Don't get me wrong...there are other school districts that make much more than we do but it is still much more than I've made so far. Kevin and I have been using every penny to pay towards the debt we acquired while I was making so little at Trinity.

Grad school is still going okay. This semester has a lot of time consuming projects but I wouldn't say it is the most difficult stuff I've ever done. I am required to post every assignment to a website I created and that can be a little blah but I guess it could be worse.

Lacy and Dusty wanted us to go on a cruise with them at Christmas but Kevin and I decided we really need to pay for some other things first because everything is breaking around here. At one point my laptop, the oven, microwave, elliptical, lawn mower, and my wedding ring were broken. Now somethings are partly working...some are completely out of commission. My oven has been on the fritz for several months and as I said before it finally caught on fire a few weeks ago. The fire was contained inside and put itself out but it smoked up the whole house and now will not bake anything. You can heat things up but it will not maintain temperature to bake. We cannot change the power settings on the microwave anymore. The elliptical now makes a terrible thumping noise when you try to use it. The lawn mower has been completely out of commission for several months and since we have just over a half acre lot...we have been having to borrow our neighbors riding lawnmower. The laptop I use for my grad classes hit its last leg last month so Kevin bought me a new one. I am now the proud owner of a Macbook Pro and I love it. When it pours. Obviously the most important things are getting fixed first. My poor elliptical is sitting dormant until it can be fixed. It has warranty but I think there is a copay so it is waiting its turn. We have to get a lawn mower next but I'm hoping we can wait until they go on sale in the off season.

I have been having some bothersome female issues in the last month. One day was so bad I almost had to leave school. I'm going to call my doctor to ask what is going on because one of the symptoms started again last night. I already worry so much about the problems I have and the effects it will have on our ability to have children...issues like this make me just scared to death. I'm scheduled to go back to the doctor in Midland in November. I have been desperately trying to continue losing weight before then but it hasn't been happening. Eating out really hasn't been helping. I have days when I just get so down on our situation. I hear and see more and more people being able to plan exactly when they will be having children and it happening so quickly. I get so frustrated sometimes because people will say..."we can't do that next August because I will be pregnant then." Even Lacy has started saying things like that and as happy as I would be for her it also is heartbreaking. If I thought that way I would spend my entire life not doing anything and being disappointed. It just isn't that easy for us.

Kevin is busy with school and work. He works all day and then goes to school from 4-8 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. He is on track to graduate with his associates next summer. We don't know if he'll continue on to his bachelors or not. I guess we'll decide when that time comes. I'm so proud of him for working so hard. I think this semester has been much better for him than the summer was. His online class is not nearly as hard as the previous ones have been.

My parents and brother enjoyed their cruise and Justin has started at the fire department. I think he is really enjoying it so far and I'm so proud of him. I miss getting to spend time with my parents since I'm working so much but I know its a necessity.

Overall I'm really tired but happy. I cannot believe this school year has been going so well. I really don't know if I'm better at what I do or if the kids that much different. Lets just hope the rest of the year continues on the same path. Until next time...