Monday, October 12, 2009


Ok so I spoke a little about female issues in my last post. I called my nurse practitioner's (Kelly) office today and spoke with the main nurse since Kelly wasn't there today. The nurse was concerned and scheduled me to come in for a sonogram. The 22nd is the soonest they could get me in without me having to miss work. I was worried about the situation but her reaction scared me a little bit more. I was hoping she was going to tell me that it was just normal as my body adjusts to changes in meds and whatnot but no such luck. If the pain becomes unbearable or if the symptoms worsen I'm supposed to call as soon as possible. Please pray that the symptoms let up because they are making my days at work very miserable and that after the sonogram we will learn everything is ok. I'm really hoping it is nothing.


Becky said...

We will pray that this pain lets up and everything will be okay! Bless your heart! It will all work out....we are all praying for you!!! Just keep faith <3 Becky