Monday, October 19, 2009

Teachers of the world...I need your opinion!

I very rarely read the newspaper but I read the news on the web constantly. I saw this article today and it really made my blood boil. I don't see how they think they saved 250,000 teaching jobs. Are all the millions of students in the world going to go up in smoke over the summer? Are all teachers going to be magically able to teach 80 students at a time now instead of 30? I thought they were going on and on about how all teachers are incompetent and need to be completely overhauled but now we're so great that we could afford to lose that many of us and still teach all the learners in the world? They can say that the stimulus saved jobs all they want but it doesn't matter. Sure, lay off 250,000 teachers because of budgets and pretend like the remaining would be able to handle what it left. It wouldn't happen. It isn't physically possible. I hate it when they make ridiculous claims in order to make themselves look good. That is just my opinion but I'm more than willing to listen to others who disagree. What do y'all think? I'm going to copy and paste the article below in case the link stops working...

White House: Stimulus Spending Saved 250,000 Teaching Jobs
Report concludes that money sent to states paid teacher salaries.

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration says spending aimed at boosting the economy has created or saved 250,000 teaching or other education jobs this year.

A White House report released Monday concludes that money from a $787 billion stimulus package has helped states fill budget gaps that would have cost teachers their jobs in school districts and public universities across the country.

The 250,000 figure is significantly higher than the 30,000 jobs the administration said last week were created or saved by businesses that won federal contracts under the stimulus law. It also represents an early preview of jobs numbers being announced in two weeks associated with education spending and federal grants awarded under the stimulus effort.