Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's Christmas Time Again!

I love the holidays! Seeing family and friends and the overall good cheer (of most people) just makes me so happy! I've been Christmas shopping today for my adorable husband and I was so happy to have a little money to get him some things he would like. I'm even more grateful especially after last year when we felt money constraints the hardest. I know that there are many people that have a hard time during the holidays due to many reasons be it financial, distance, or any other. It makes me realize how blessed I am to have all the many great things that make up my life. I have an amazing husband, brother, mom, and dad. My in-laws are so sweet and and I have friends that I would do anything for and can count on.

I have a job that I love and can say I enjoy even when it wears me out. It is few and far between but I literally get to see the effect I have on a students life. I've been working with a senior boy helping him complete a credit he needed to graduate early. He had been struggling with completion and had no plans for after graduation. His parents are not in the picture and his elderly grandmother really didn't know where to start. He is really intelligent and could do great things but just had no one to help him. I talked with him about college, financial aid, and helped him fill out an application and his other paperwork. He now has classes figured out and financial aid on the way. On Thursday he came in for his final exam to complete his coursework. I helped him complete his remaining assignments and gave him his grade. Once I told him he was a graduate he got so excited that he ran across the room and gave me a big hug while I stood there shocked. He thanked me so much for the help and said he was coming to visit in the spring so I could see how well he was doing in school. I'm glad I have a job where I actually can do something to improve the lives of others.

I'd be lying though if I said that everything is wonderful during this time of year. Sometimes it can makes things that we perceive are missing in our lives seem even more obvious. I catch myself looking at baby clothes or toys sometimes while shopping or wishing I had someone to read the nativity story to and then get a little pain in my heart but I remind myself that God has a plan for my life. If the only children I am meant to help are my students then he will help me do that to the best of my ability. I hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas and remembering the reason for the season. I'll be back again soon since school is out for Christmas break. Enjoy the picture of our Christmas tree. It was taken with my cell phone so once again not great quality but I loved how you can see Reese peaking in at the bottom of the picture. Until next time...