Saturday, December 19, 2009

This makes me so upset!

There are a handful of things in the world that get me really upset but this is one of them. I hope whoever did that to this cat has something horrible happen to them! I have a HUGE soft spot for animals and anytime I hear of their mistreatment I just get furious!

As I was leaving work the other day I saw a boxer puppy that was about 5 months old running around on Armstrong (the 5 lane road next to the school). It almost got hit twice and still didn't run out of the road so I turned the car around and tried to get it out of the road. It ran up to a house facing the street so I got back in the car and started to leave but then it ran in the road again! I got out and chased it back up the same driveway again and this time I chased it all the way up to the front door. This is where I proceeded to knock and ask the homeowner if it was there dog. Once they confirmed that it was I told them that the dog had been playing in the street and had almost gotten run over several times. The owner said he was sorry and put the dog in the backyard. My mom was FURIOUS! She said I could've been murdered but I was so mad I just wanted it to be safe. My miniature schnauzer Gracie is an escape artist and has gotten out when people (Kevin's coworkers etc) have left our gate open but I never just left them play in the front yard! He acted like he was just annoyed that I rang his bell! Ugh! Well that is just my vent for today!


* Tyly * said...

That seriously makes me sick to my stomach. As my precious kitty is asleep in my bed right now, it literally makes me ill to think about it.

I would have done what you did for the boxer puppy. I, too, have been on the other side and was SOO grateful when an honest person returned my baby to me. Max used to be an escape artist, and I've had him leave my yard more than once. Thank God he was always found by good, honest people and they called me immediately. My Max is the type of dog that has never met a stranger, and I'm so glad it's always been honest people that have found him. He would be happy to go play with anybody!