Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Longest Short Week Ever

Hi everyone...well my last post was pretty depressing so I thought I should change it up a bit...a post where I complain...oops...guess I did it again! lol No, things really are pretty good. My students have been behaving and while they have small bouts of spring fever it really hasn't gotten bad yet. We were off last monday so it was a nice long weekend. This week will be ultra short at work because on Friday I will be gone taking my students to BPA contest. Still working but not "at work" in the classroom. A nice change but a more stressful one. lol The bus loads @ 4:45 am and pulls away @ 5 am so I will be waking at 3 am on Friday morning. Yay...and because my co-sponsors have families and other "engagements" I get to ride the bus back home alone with the kids at 10 pm (yep approximately 17 counted correctly). Yay again. It is going to be one tiring day. Oh well...I don't mind helping. My co-sponsors have helped me a ton with lesson plans and cools ideas this year so I feel like I'm paying my dues. We really have good kids so I don't anticipate having any trouble with them and I'm hoping my guys will advance. It would be a pretty amazing feat I think considering they had an inexperienced sponsor (my first year of BPA). If so I will be gone for 4 days during March. I'm also going to be gone for a week next month for a conference (leaving Kevin :( all by his lonesome). We willl see. I'm sure my students will do well. Wish us luck!!!