Sunday, February 14, 2010

Black Angus

Well we're finally home. I've been gone to a educational techology conference in Austin all week. Kevin picked me up in Austin on Friday for a little Valentine's weekend mini vacation. We had a really enjoyable time until tonight. We were driving home tonight around 9:30 in between Eden and Brady when as we came around a curve a Black Angus cow stepped in front of our Tahoe. We hit the cow but lucky it was just a glancing blow and not a direct hit. The front of my Tahoe is smushed and along the passenger side. Just a few more inches and it could have been a very, very bad situation. A car was following right behind us and it hit the cow head on and flipped over and landed on its hood. Kevin pulled over and ran to help the other car while I called 911 on Onstar. Everyone is ok but is very shaken up. I had to crawl out the driver's side of the car from the back seat because my door won't open. We are so so so lucky to be alive right now. The cow was pregnant and about to give birth anyday so she was even more huge than normal. They towed our car to Eden since that was the closest town. I'm posting pic of our car but it is so dark you can't really see much. Maybe I'll go back to Eden tomorrow and take pictures in the daylight. Hopefully I'll be back to post tomorrow about my conference and our mini vacation like I was planning on doing.


* Tyly * said...

Oh my gosh, I'm sooo glad everyone is ok!!!

Becky said...

Oh my goodness!!! Ahh! What are COWS doing in the middle of the road! Lordy! I am SO glad everyone was okay....keep us updated on how everything goes. Becky