Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Choice

When you're a high school teacher, one of the biggest topics of conversation with teenagers is sports. I'm no sports reporter but I do keep my eye on a couple of teams. For the last 2 weeks, every teenage boy who walks into my classroom immediately says, "Hey Mrs. J, Saints or Colts?" As with anything never give them the answer immediately. I said that I would tell them after they finish their project. ha (If I don't agree with'll just give them a reason to So on thursday as soon as the first couple of students started finishing their project, they were immediately waiting for my answer so the big debate could get started in the classroom.

Now...anyone that knows me or has read my facebook status...knows that I have a deep and sincere dislike for Michael Vick. He makes my blood boil. Don't start trying to defend him. We won't get anywhere. It was his money and his land that made all that abuse possible. He should know what goes on with his stuff. Period.

So now that I've gone off on that tangent...what does it have to do with my choice of superbowl champion? Last September, the Eagles made one of the stupidest changes they've ever made with their lineup. They dropped Hank Baskett to let a dog abuser into their lineup. Hank was subsequently picked up by the Colts and has spent the last year in whirlwind of marriage and parenthood. choice this year has absolutely nothing to do with the skill of playing football. I think it is absolutely hilarious that Hank is now on one of this year's Superbowl contenders while Michael Vick is not. Although I love Drew Brees and the fleur de lis...

I hope the Colts win today!

I would love nothing more than for Hank Baskett to have a Superbowl ring for this year while Michael Vick does not! lol Yeah I know my reasoning this year is is what it is. My mom and dad are coming over to watch the Superbowl with us today! I'm so excited!