Sunday, April 18, 2010

Friday, March 26th, 2010-The Big Surprise!

Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments everyone!  Life has been a whirlwind and I want to get a few things down in writing so I don't forget.

I will never forget the night I found out that I was pregnant.  Or at least that is what I think...but I'm going to write it down here to make sure I don't forget.  This post is really more for me than anyone else so I hope I don't bore you too much.

It had been an absolutely crazy day...a crazy couple of weeks actually.  I managed to sleep through my alarm that morning...waking up just 20 minutes before I was supposed to leave the house.  I went to school with my greasy hair in a pony tail, no make-up, and the worst nausea I had ever felt in my entire life.

If you remember my previous posts...I'd been sick.  The day we got out for spring break I had a horrible allergy attack that immediately turned into a sinus infection and a bad case of bronchitis.  I had been to the doctor on three separate occasions and on several different medications (a fact that causes me great anxiety constantly) but was not getting better.  It was really effecting my work because I was having dizzy spells and coughing fits while trying to teach.  My most recent doctor appointment had been on Wednesday the 24th and I had been prescribed an antibiotic.  I took the first pill on Friday night and immediately got sick.  I was nauseous constantly over the next 2 days and wouldn't take any more medicine.  I had the most horrible metal taste in my mouth and was downing crackers and sprite like crazy.  Kevin actually had to bring crackers to work on Thursday because I was so sick.  I thought I had been poisoned by my medicine... ha!  Little did I know it was something very different!

Back to Friday...I made it through the school day and headed home.  The moment I walked in the door I put on my PJs and lay moaning on the couch about how I had been poisoned and what Kevin needed to tell the ER doctor should I pass out.  Kevin, being the sweet man he is, tried to make me feel better.  He brought home my favorite dinner (soft tacos, chips, and queso, from Rosa's) and brought it to me while I was on the couch.  We ate dinner while catching up on all our DVRd shows (Ugly Betty!).  I was still feeling horrible and to make things worse I was having to get up and go to the restroom every 5 minutes.  It felt like my bladder was the size of a walnut.

On my 10th trip to the restroom, I remembered I had a cheap pregnancy test in the cabinet.  Since I was going to have to go back to the doctor for poisoning I wanted make sure.  As I've said before...I have very irregular cycles.  They have had gaps of anywhere from 2 weeks to almost a year.  I keep tests in the house and take them periodically before taking prescriptions or just every once in a while for peace of mind.  I used the cheap test, set it on the edge of the tub behind the shower curtain, and sat on the bed nonchalantly surfing facebook with my phone.  The timer went off, I picked up the test, glanced at it quickly, and started to put it in the trash.  My hand was in the trashcan when I froze.  I pulled the test back out and saw a plus sign and gasp.  "No way, couldn't be" I thought. "I must be reading it wrong."  I pulled out the box and read the instructions one more time. "No, it says that plus means pregnant.  It couldn't be!"  By this time my heart was beating so loudly in my chest that I was sure Kevin could hear it in the living room.  I quickly dismantled our bathroom searching for the box of fancy digital clear blue easy pregnancy tests that I knew I had somewhere.  (I had purchased them while waiting for my prescriptions at the pharmacy on March 15th.  Since I was going to take so many medications and was waiting on that aisle I decided to get some and take one as soon as I got home...but I didn't.  I've beat myself constantly about that.  More than you can ever imagine.  I was so dizzy that barely got home before passing out on the bed.)  

I finally found the box of tests and managed to take another one.   (Like I said...the size of a walnut.)  This time I was like a caged animal waiting for that second test to finish.  I was having a complete nervous breakdown.  It was the most thrilling and most terrifying moment of my entire life.  I could not believe I had actually seen a positive was a miracle...but what about the prescriptions I had taken!  What if I had done something horrible to the baby!  I was in complete shock and completely freaking out for lack of a better term.  The timer went off and I lunged at the test.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  It said, "pregnant."  I didn't know what to do.  I wanted to scream, dance, and cry at the same time.  I walked into the living room.   Kevin had been waiting for me so we could finish our show.  I held up the tests and said, "I'm pregnant.  They say that I'm pregnant."  Kevin's face was priceless.  A look of sheer confusion.   The first word out of his mouth was, "Huh?"  I don't really remember what was said after that.  It was a flurry of simultaneous talking and examining tests.  We were in complete shock.

Now I said I would give you an explanation about passing the pregnancy test 8 times.  If you've been keeping track...we've been through 2 already.  A few minutes passed by and as soon as our brains began functioning again...Kevin began making me drink glass upon glass of water.  We took another test about an hour later.  Not one to be patient, Kevin watched the test constantly while it lay on the counter.  Less than a minute later he yelled, "It's positive!  It only took 45 seconds!  That must be a record!"  lol  I was rolling laughing by this point.  That was test number 3.  I don't remember when...but we finally went to bed at some point.  Around 5:30 the next morning I woke up to go to the bathroom and Kevin had me take the last test which obviously gave us the same result.  Test number 4.

 To be continued: look for "Telling the Grandparents"


Linz said...

I love these stories! So exciting!

Kim H. said...

Funny - John did some of the same things. When I told him he said "You're shitting me, right?" HAHAHA! In his defense it was 3 in the morning and we'd just fed the baby for the first night feeding at home. Then he wasn't sure that I did it right - so we had to do another one that next morning while we supervised.