Monday, June 14, 2010

A Funk

I am in such a blogging funk!  Each time I sit down to blog...I'm completely stumped as what to write.  Except for baby news (which is fantastic), there isn't really a whole lot going on around here.  If I'm not at my parent's new house helping my mom get things settled then I'm at home cleaning out junk.  (I have a stack of textbooks as tall as my leg that the college bookstore wouldn't buy back!  We will be having a garage sale sometime this summer.)  I usually blog while Kevin and I watch DVR'd shows in the evenings but Kevin is so busy with work and summer classes that we haven't had time to watch anything.  Our DVR is getting very full!  

Kevin will complete his college classes on the day that I have to report back to school for work so we won't really have any down time together this summer.  We're hoping to take a mini trip in between the 1st and 2nd summer semesters but we'll just have to see because I have to be in Dallas for a conference the day after.  I would really like the chance to go to Midland sometime soon.  We like the drive-in movie theater and I would like to go to Summer Mummers with a few of my friends.  I also believe that there is a Babies R Us there.  Hopefully we can make a day trip or weekend trip sometime soon.

We still haven't decided what to do about our house.  Most likely we will refinance and use some equity to remodel the kitchen or back porch but I'm just not sure.  I haven't seen any houses on the market that are nice enough to make me want to sell my current home.  We are having new carpet installed in the bedrooms in the next week or two.  That will mean that we have replaced the flooring in the entire house.  Carpet in the bedrooms and tile everywhere else.   When the desk and bookshelves come out of the office for the install, they will not be going back in there.  This is because that room will begin to become a nursery!  I have to get a lot of stuff packed, thrown out, or organized soon.

My blog never really has had a theme besides online diary.  Oh well...maybe I will think of something else more interesting to blog about someday.  For now I think I'm going to go swimming at my brother's house.  I hope everyone is having a fantastic day!